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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Further Outlooks: Arnold's Replacement

There's the Terminator of Hollywood.

Then, there's the Terminator of Hezbollywood. Location?


American Thinker's James Lewis decided to remind us, just in case we forgot, that Ahmadinejad is the real villain of the modern world.

Kinda like Hitler, but in the modern world. his proof is:

Among his more recent victims are:
1. Akbar Mohammadi, a student leader,
reported tortured to death ()
2. Abed Tavancheh, 23, a blogger, “arrested and tortured … sustained permanent damage to his kidneys…”
3. Ahmad Batebi, student dissident in 1999, arrested and released after six years, re-arrested on July 29, 2006. Fate unknown.
4. Mansour Ossanloo, the leader of the independent trade union representing the workers of the Vahed Bus Company in Tehran. “A year ago… security forces raided one of their meetings and cut out a piece of Mr. Ossanloo’s tongue.
5. Ahmadinejad is “also suspected of involvement in the assassination of Abdurrahman Qassemlou, a leader of Iran’s Kurdish minority, in Vienna in 1989.”

In addition, the folks at American Thinker also took note in pointing out to us that the U.N. recognizes Hezbollah and not Taiwan.

Danish Infidel on a stick, anyone?

- The Samaritan

P.S. And don't forget to check out my newest post at Frontline PST.

Outlooks on the Battlefront

Today, I recap the most recent of that which has been occuring in relation to the Israel-Lebanon (a.k.a Hiz b'allah) War and that which is the Israel-Lebanon (a.k.a Hiz b'allah) War.

First, there is the wiretapping scandal. I call it a scandal because the behavior of Jimmy Carter's appointee (a.k.a the "Judge") was quite, for the lack of a better word, scandalous. Oh, and biased. Did I mention that the program worked, as demonstrated in the Canadian terror suspect nabbed as a result of this program? Oh, well this Judge wouldn't wantcha to know that, would she? Nor about the people actually doing the accusing [spurred on, of course, by such entities as CAIR and the ACLU] - full information on whom can be found at Debbie Schlussel's weblog, which contains startling pieces of information that Rush Limbaugh wants all to see.

Now, about that Rush guy...he's got his head on straight. I don't give a damn that he's a full-blown conservative, the objective is to get one's facts [unblemished] and that is what he's been doing. He catches the media at its worst. Consider, for instance, Rush's reaction to how other media outlets have commented on the wiretap decision; Rush's reaction to FNC's awkward partisan headlining in regards to political polls; Rush's reaction to Victor Hanson's perspective on the wiretapping [that previous presidents have done it without this outcry, uproar and outrage].

Back Later in the Evening,
The Samaritan

Monday, August 14, 2006

Photoshopped and Islamified

Don't get me wrong when I say this, but Islam, while far from a Religion of Peace, does have some of its good qualities (even if it preaches consecutive stages of conversion, taxation and elimination); however, it is the bad qualities that are coming out, as referenced by American Thinker and LGF.

And another place of heinous impact has been occuring w/in the news media itself, as with the Qana "massacre" (which is a subject of interesting posts at LGF today, Aug 14). This impact has resulted in the possible inclusion of the term "Reutered" in everyday dictionaries, and AT reports on a new word: keller.

I have a new one: photoshopped. It has one current denotation - the act of having created a piece of art to be featured in some other object [e.g. newspaper]. The issue at stake here, however, is that, in light of Reutersgate (hence "Reutered"), the Adobe Photoshop program has been used as a means to alter - or to otherwise stage altogether - photos, as evidenced by Adnan Hajj's most recent work for Reuters [Pallywood is a relatedly-themed occurence one might want to research, and I feature a link to it in one of my previous posts]. Therefore, photoshopping has taken on an unfortunately negative twist and that is why, therefore, I propose a new word (photoshop - a verb), meaning to A) alter reality (in a general sense) or to B) present facts in a distorted, biased version meant to intentionally dilute the facts of reality. As in: "This image has been photoshopped - you can see the fake croppings here and here," or "The concept that the Federalist party still exists today is a photoshop!" (note here the usage of "photoshop" as a noun, the difference being that the Adobe program itself is capitalized and referred to as "the Photoshop" as opposed to "a photoshop" - my word).

Feel free to use it at your own leisure.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Rxn. to the British Airline Disaster

I listened to [that nut - but not really] Ken Gallacher on that talk-radio station KFI. I listened to the guy talk about racially profiling [this is the same guy who suggested the renewal of trains to replace trucks as transportation for bulky shipments - an excellent idea - and "endorsed" The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science] the Muslim Community, an idea also explored by Steven M. Warshawsky in his Amecan Thinker commentary titled "Whose Side Are They On?"

And guess who "they" are? [No, really...guess. And you should be able to get this one right.]

But here's the thing...he has a point. To paraphrase, Gallacher was pointing out that every time the terrorists devised a new strategy, we were playing the hindsight game and cracking down on that particular venue. Now that it's liquids we're cracking down on the liquids.

But the authorities are missing something, claims Gallacher. Instead of going after the terrorists items - which are only perfectly obvious in hindsight - why don't we go after the terrorists themselves? Gallacher openly claims that this would be racial profiling, but he explains that this is a kind of profiling he'd accept - and I'd agree with him. After all, aren't most or all of these terrorists Afghani- or Pakistani - trained? Aren't they home-grown young Muslim men [or recent converts] who are voluntarily schooled in the terrorism circuit?

A normal person would justifiably ask me to explain myself. And, so, I would...but then I discovered that LGF's Charles Johnson's done a pretty good job at that for me already.

It begins, of course, with the initial report "Breaking: Major Terror Plot Foiled in UK ."
Charles follows this with his "British Dhimmitude Watch."
Then on cue, Johnson anticipates the Bush-CAIR battle. He's not wrong.
The battle intensifies on global and personal fronts, including veiled threats agains the Blair administration which, of course, didn't take it too well and the Muslim Community's now facing some heat.

So, really, taking a close look at Charles Johson's coverage of other world affairs over the past few days, including events at Dearborn Mich. and pro-Hezbollah rallies [and media coverage], it might not be so over-the-top for Gallacher, Warshawsky and me to suggest some degree of racial profiling.

Who knows? Maybe racial profiling could be more beneficial than detrimental to society.

But I won't bet on it.

Keeping level with the News,
- The Samaritan

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Documenting Reutersgate

So, did you think Reuters couldn't take any more heat?
I'll bet you did. But new probes are coming out every day.

For example, the Los Angeles Times finally gives a sh*t about it, albeit via Tim Rutten [the guy most qualified to provide a dissertation from this irrelevant partisan newspaper]. Rutten, actually does not go into detail - he merely gives glowing lip service to Charles Johnson [if that hasn't been done enough] and throws in a few statements about how Israel has the moral ground.

Not a very convincing article.

What did you expect?

It's the LA Times, for goodness' sake!

But for depth, go for's in-depth documentary labeled "The Reuters Photo Scandal: A Taxonomy of Fraud."

Subtitled "A comprehensive overview of the four types of photo fraud committed by Reuters, August, 2006," this report is continued with the following intro:
The recent discovery that the Reuters news agency released a digitally manipulated photograph as an authentic image of the bombing in Beirut has drawn attention to the important topic of bias in the media. But lost in the frenzy over one particular image is an even more devastating fact: that over the last week Reuters has been caught red-handed in an astonishing variety of journalistic frauds in the photo coverage of the war in Lebanon. This page serves as an overview of the various types of hoaxes, lies and other deceptions perpetrated by Reuters in recent days, since the details of the scandal are getting overwhelmed by a torrent of shallow mainstream media coverage that can easily confuse or mislead the viewer. Almost all of the investigative work has been done by cutting-edge blogs, but the proliferation of exposés might overwhelm the casual Web-surfer, who might be getting the various related scandals mixed up. In this essay I hope to straighten it all out.

The subsequent report itself is quite extensive and hard-core. I'd suggest you give it a look - it's worth it.

Back Later With the Better News,
The Samaritan

True to Its Last Word

Janet Ellen Levy writes a wonderful, insightful article that achieves a beautiful summary concerning "Anti-Semitism in the Guise of Political Protest."

In particular, Levy sums up one of her main points in this circumstantial-evidence paragraph:

"Since Israel began its defensive war against the terrorist organization Hezb’allah, attacks have increased against Jews in the United States, Europe and Australia. Recently, a Muslim man entered the Jewish Federation of Seattle, proclaimed his anger over Israel’s war against Hezb’allah and shot six women. Three days later, 20 shops in Rome were vandalized and painted with swastikas, in a manner dangerously reminiscent of Kristalnacht, when hundreds of Jewish businesses were destroyed throughout Nazi Germany. Meanwhile, synagogues in Sydney and Miami have been targeted, Hebrew University of Baltimore was firebombed and a Holocaust memorial in Brussels was desecrated, including a crypt containing the ashes of Auschwitz concentration camp victims."

The article itself is a wondrous, revealing piece of work and can be found at The American Thinker.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Good Video

My friend Animal who admins the site showed me and others this youtube video that exposes a PR stunt by Palestinians that has duped and fooled various news agencies for half a decade.

- The Samaritan

Collecting Wartime Outlooks

Because of technical difficulties, the number of stories I found intriguing suffered a buildup so I've gotten a little lazy such that I'm only gonna supply you with links.

In advance, I apologize. But, each link is worth it (they're alphabetical) - and some are even intertwined. Y'see, they're basically about how warped the world's coverage of/reaction to the Israel-Hezbollah war has been recently, and some go so far as to get into politics and history [albeit, accurately].

So please, read as many as you can...they can all be found here (near the bottom).

Back soon [with a (restored) computer]!
- The Samaritan

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Archiving the Hezbollah PR

Pat IV: The Media

Ed Lasky of American Thinker decided it would be a good time to compare a comparison. That comparison was made by Robert Pape [criticized also by penraker], and it likened Hezbollah to the Civil Rights Movement. Lasky, of course, properly points out in his own comparison that Civil Rights Movement leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who “praised Ziomism,” would take issue with Pape. Penraker uses up lots of virtual paragraphs to dispute and criticize Pape; Lasky does it far more effectively with a typical transition and quote.
It is only far too easy to be right.
Lasky also points to a New York Times op-ed that suggests Ahmadinejad did not call for Israel’s destruction. Right, like the Times is expected to be reporting facts. My new bar for the Times has gone down practically to the bottom rung, for further reasons I will explain in latter paragraphs.

Now, let us delve into what Hezbollah supporters have dubbed “conspiracy theories.” The main “perpetrator” of these theories is none other than EU Referendum, which explores and explains in detail the information concerning its disturbing PR findings. Confederate Yankee, meanwhile, tackles the case of Nicols Asfouri by showing his picture of of a toy amid wreckage and suggesting [maybe correctly, we may never know] that this photo too was staged. Meanwhile, Riehl World View focuses on the photos concerning the ambulances in Lebanon that have received worldwide attention.
Honestly, with all these cases, I can only foresee the MSM putting up a futile fight.

American Thinker has also revealed some disturbing Hezbollah influence in The News.
Rachel Neuwirth explains this with succint clarity in her article “How the Media Enable Terrorism.” Thomas Lifson does some similar whining in “You Can't Teach (Some) Old Media New Tricks,” while Rick Moran defends Bush’s private battle with the Drive-By Mainstream Media in his article “Bush and Israel: Shoulder to Shoulder, Hip to Hip.” Going into specifics, Lifson directly lays it into the New York Times’ biased reporting in his article aptly and accurately titled “Photo fakery at the New York Times,” and American Thinker catches the AP at its game [that it played by “attempting to grant legitimacy to Hezbollah’s violence against Israel” via placing the territory of Shebaa farms within Lebanon as opposed to within Syria where American Thinker claims the international community agrees it belongs] it in AP bias watch.

Finally, I must encourage you to read two articles of interest – Media Missiles and Brussels Holocaust Memorial Vandalised, both of which have commentary at Little Green Footballs, and I must also point you to penraker [which has a link in my blogroll], which has great articles written across the span of August 2 and 3.

May Israel win this war,
- The Samaritan

Archiving the Hezbollah PR

Part III: Reminders - Keeping The Tally Just in Case You’ve Forgotten It All

Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin are amongst the most-feared Republican women. And sometimes, that fearsomeness is deserved. But these two chicks can put their ferocity to good use, particularly when it comes to reminding everyone else that Islam has quite an effect on people.

For example, take Malkin’s “random gallery of ‘lone’ shooters.” Following the Haq debacle, she embarked on a quest to compile her own research and turned out a list of Muslims and Muslim wannabees throughout the continental United States who have committed crimes. Some of them against Jews, some profiled as ‘hate crimies’ in general, and others…probably just for sport. Malkin is hopefully not suggesting that Islam intentially requires or provokes these attacks, but it is important to note the circumstances for Malkin’s criminals and to understand that when Islam’s involved, no crime is random.

Malkin follows her Gallery with another assembled collection of reminders, this time under the banner “Lights, Camera, Hezbollywood!” as she begins by expressing her annoyance with O’Reilly for shrugging off important PR info concerning Qana, writing “the truth matters” and following her subsequent praise of what-the-MSM-won’t-tell-you blogs with a complete list of ways the MSM has been [in some cases, apparently willingly] duped by Spin-Masters in the Islamofascist world called the MidEast.

Now we move on to Ann Coulter. You see, she will not miss an opportunity to criticize democrats, so her motives could be question with far greater ease than would Malkin’s. But the Highlight Reel she composes in her JWR article “More of Kerry’s Retroactive Campaign Promises,” when disposed of its anti-Democratic slant, lays barren the history of anti-Western [and particularly anti-American] Islamofascism. It’s worth a look.

Between Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin, other than being presented with a strong case for aligning ourselves with the Republican party [oops a little partisan there snicker snicker], we have found revealed to us a complete compilation of why we must back Israel. Doing otherwise is akin to bringing forth the hastening of our decline and defeat.

The Final Part Four Is Coming Up Next!
- The Samaritan

Halftime Break: Some Daily Banter

  • Yep. More proof, this time from Australia, that Islam is the Religion of Peace.
  • In short, says Clarice Feldman, “Sidney Blumenthal has leaked the fact that NSA is assisting Israel in tracking weapons shipments from Iran and Syria to Hezbollah.” Clarice points us to A. J. Strata’s dissection of the original Salon article.
  • I encourage readers to view retired Colonel Ivey’s reflections on Iraq, which are far differet from and yet more accurate than that of the Drive-By Mainstream’s.
  • Meanwhile, Edward Bernard Glick asserts that Israel is not being firm enough in this war on Hezbollah, while James Lewis writes about Supreme National Council Secretary Ali Larijani’s suspicious role in Iran, citing an interesting quote by the Australian’s David Pryce-Jones and then asserting “…it’s not a coincidence that Ali Larijani just happened to meet with Hamas and Hezbollah’s head honchos in Damascus at the very time both of those organizations kidnapped Israeli soldiers. Identical provocations within a few days of each other, by two terrorist organizations supported by Tehran’s oil money, in a pincer movement centered on Israel.”
Finally, I also feel obliged to remind everyone that there has been no outcry from the UN about the eight civilians killed by the Hezbollah Katyushas. Apparently, the world thinks that those [intentional] deaths are acceptable. There will be no end to terrorism as long as this perspetive is maintained.

Back in a flash to finish my four-tier report,
The Samaritan

Archiving the Hezbollah PR

Part II: Protests and Demonstrations

Earlier this week, Many anti-Israel people in North America decided to hold rallies. It wouldn't've been so bad had pro-Israel people not decided to hold just-as-peaceful counter-rallies. Of course, in the presence of truth, the original anti-Israel protestors got violent. I've collected reports from three of these rallies and each provides a startingly accurate look at the anti-Israel fervor perpetrated in the streets of North America.

The rallies and subsequent physical attacks on the counter-protesting pro-Israel demonstrators happened at:

Columbus, Ohio.

Montreal, Quebec.

Boston, Massachusetts.

Video is recorded for each of these events.

(Stay tuned for the next segment called Part III: Reminders)

Always on the Lookout,
- The Samaritan

Archiving the Hezbollah PR

Part I: The Denials

ON AUGUST 2, Sandra O'Malley of The Australian reported that "The Muslim Community Reference Group is considering writing to Prime Minister John Howard asking the Government to reconsider its listing of the militant arm of Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation."
Let us examine this for a moment, shall we?
MCRG chairman Dr. Amerr Ali, yet another Muslim Master of Spin, claimed on ABC radio that ""We are of the opinion that the Australian government does not have an independent foreign policy with regard to the Middle East...We go along with whatever the Americans say and the Americans go along with whatever the Israeli lobby says."
Clearly, he's having some separation-of-church-and-state issues. He'd rather think of Hezbollah as a legal political party than the terrorist organization it really is - in other words, he's afraid that acknowledging Hezbollah for the terrorist organization it truly is would go against his religion. But Hezbollah was clearly founded by Iran with the stated purpose of destroying Israel. And speaking of histories, O'Mally also revealed that the MCRG was founded "last year in the wake of the London terrorist bombings."
So in response to the partially-Islam-inspired-attack, the Land Down Under decided to let Muslims have an extra say in things? I think the reverse magnetism of the Souther Hemisphere's having some hallucinogein effect on the Aussie politicians. Maybe they'll need a 9/11 of their own to wake them up, if terrorism in other countries is a pretext for giving its Muslim community more political power.

WHEN FINANCIAL Times writer Mark Turner interviewed UN deputy secretary general Mark Malloch Brown August 1, Brown had this to say: "It’s not helpful to couch this war in the language of international terrorism. Hizbollah employs terrorist tactics, it is an organisation however whose roots historically are completely separate and different from Al Qaeda."
These words represent the current stance of the UN, and until it revises this philosophy Islamism will continue to threaten both Western Civilization and the world at large.
Of course, to put it much simpler, Brown plays the "they're not Al Qaeda" card to say what one would understand by reading between the lines: Hezbollah ain't a terrorist organization.
But we know sure as hell that the Hezbos are terrorists.
We know.

(Next in this series is Part II: Protests and Demonstrations)

Back for More,
The Samaritan

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Where The Drive-By Mainstrea Media Falls Short

...but first, let me divulge my anger via this article, AP Writer Matti Friedman's Yahoo news story entitled "Hezbollah fires record rocket barrage." In this article Friedman reveals that:

"One missile fell near the Palestinian town of Jenin, leaving a 6-foot crater in a rural area of the
West Bank. It caused no casualties, and Palestinians said the mistake would not change their support for Hezbollah."

This event denotes the following facts:
1- Hezbollah truly does not care where it aims as long as its Katyushas cross the Blue line [why there's no int'l outcry against this carelessness dumbfounds me].
2- Hezbollah has no regard for the Palestinians [if it had such regard, none of its rockets would enter Palestinian territory. But Israel, OTOH, has such regard and uses precision-guided missiles designed to take out specific Hezbo targets. The fact that there's collaterl civilian damage means that Hezbo's doing something wrong (as Israel pre-notifies residents of places it is about to strike)].
3- The Palestinian people are mindless servants to the Islamist Borg - or so it seems. The fact that there's no protest from the Palestinians, not even a "please, be careful next time 'cuz we luv you Hezbo guys!" indicates that the Palestinians truly don't mind if their children are used as terrorists' tools.

Friedman also writes the following:
"The rocket fire killed a 52-year-old Israeli American in Kibbutz Saar, a communal farm near the coastal resort of Nahariya. It brought the Israeli death toll in the fighting to 55, including 19 civilians. The attacks Wednesday also wounded 58 people.
The American, whose name was not released, was killed as he rode his bicycle toward his home after a warning siren went off, said Yehuda Shavit, a local government official. Kibbutz residents said he was originally from the Boston area and had been living in Israel for 20 years.
His wife and two daughters had moved to the south earlier in the fighting, Shavit said. More than half the kibbutz residents had fled to safer areas out of range, he said.
Police sappers were trying to remove the remains of the rocket from the crater it bored into the ground, and an orange bulldozer was clearing away the rubble.
Another American immigrant was among three Israeli soldiers killed in fighting in Lebanon this week, the army said Wednesday.
Michael Levine, 21, of Philadelphia, moved to Israel three years ago and enlisted in the paratroopers, Israeli media reported. Levine cut short a visit to his family four days ago and returned to his unit."

Now, is it just me or have I not heard any sob stories from the major newspapers about the deaths of Americans at the hands of Hezbollah. Israel began this whole offensive because two of its guys were kidnapped, but in the midst of all this the Hezbos manage to kill two Americans and yet there's no cry for revenge from anyone in the 50 states? Is this what we've become - unpatriotic suckup pussies?!

In one moment, I'll get to the good stuff so stay tuned!...

- The Samaritan

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Where Things Stand

What with Gibson and Haq doing their things, the Israel-Lebanon War has taken some unexpected turns:
  • Israel's IDF reviewed and revised its analysis of the Qana "massacre," revealing that it found slim to none evidence of Katyushas emanating from or around the destroyed building during the twenty four hours before the bombing.
  • Israel quickly recovered from its defeatist viewpoint after Qana when its citizens revealed to their politically dismayed Olmert that they wanted to win this war, prompting ther IDF to stage an operation in Lebanon near Syria that it claims resulted in the deaths of over 20 Hezbollah agents and the abduction of three. As stated on the Cooper 360 show, such a revelation [if confirmed] would be a great boost to Israeli morale.
  • The UNICEF charter was extended another month, CAIR attacked someone, the U.S. finally found evidence of WMDs in Iraq, and Castro's bro is taking over the family business.
  • A Shia from Hezbollah-controlled Southern Lebanon wrote a letter to the editor of a leftist daily paper in Berlin:
    I lived until 2002 in a small southern village near Mardshajund that is inhabited by a majority of Shias like me. After Israel left Lebanon, it did not take long for Hezbollah to have its say in other towns. Received as successful resistance fighters and armed to the teeth, they stored rockets in bunkers in our town as well. The social work of the Party of God consisted in building a school and a residence over these bunkers! A local sheikh explained to me laughing that the Jews would lose in any event because the rockets would either be fired at them or if they attacked the rockets depots, they would be condemned by world opinion on account of the dead civilians. These people do not care about the Lebanese population, they use them as shields, and, once dead, as propaganda. As long as they continue existing there, there will be no tranquility and peace. - Dr. Mounir Herzallah, Berlin-Wedding