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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Halftime Break: Some Daily Banter

  • Yep. More proof, this time from Australia, that Islam is the Religion of Peace.
  • In short, says Clarice Feldman, “Sidney Blumenthal has leaked the fact that NSA is assisting Israel in tracking weapons shipments from Iran and Syria to Hezbollah.” Clarice points us to A. J. Strata’s dissection of the original Salon article.
  • I encourage readers to view retired Colonel Ivey’s reflections on Iraq, which are far differet from and yet more accurate than that of the Drive-By Mainstream’s.
  • Meanwhile, Edward Bernard Glick asserts that Israel is not being firm enough in this war on Hezbollah, while James Lewis writes about Supreme National Council Secretary Ali Larijani’s suspicious role in Iran, citing an interesting quote by the Australian’s David Pryce-Jones and then asserting “…it’s not a coincidence that Ali Larijani just happened to meet with Hamas and Hezbollah’s head honchos in Damascus at the very time both of those organizations kidnapped Israeli soldiers. Identical provocations within a few days of each other, by two terrorist organizations supported by Tehran’s oil money, in a pincer movement centered on Israel.”
Finally, I also feel obliged to remind everyone that there has been no outcry from the UN about the eight civilians killed by the Hezbollah Katyushas. Apparently, the world thinks that those [intentional] deaths are acceptable. There will be no end to terrorism as long as this perspetive is maintained.

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