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Thursday, July 27, 2006

U.N's. UNICEF Reveals its True [Hezbollah] Colors

I'm sure most of you have heard about Kofi's "big mistake" - that of hastily claiming that the deaths of four U.N. officials at the hands of the IDF was deliberate.

But slowly, gradually, the news leaked out, and I'd like to indicate the gradually revealed news from five websites:

Little Green Footballs-
Revealed that "Kofi Annan could have ordered Peacekeeper to leave."
Sports an audio interview with a retired Canadian general who revealed his dead colleague's confession.
Found that Canadian Prime Minister told off Annan in his own way.
Shares revealing UNIFIL Press Releases and subsequent criticism from Herald Sun's Bolt.
Gives a link to Claudia Rosett's article detailing U.N. biases.
Hints that UNICEF hasn't yet gotten the hint.
Condemns the U.N. for its [lack of] response to Hezbollah attacks and Israeli heroism.

Duane Patterson, the Radio Blogger, questions U.N. neutrality.

Glenn Reynold of Instapundit shows how some press incl. The New York Sun and the National Review are seeing the light in this issue of the U.N.'s "disproportionate response."

Ed Lasky details every UNICEF misstep along the way at The American Thinker.

Michelle Malkin tracks the story in her July 26 11:26 AM & 2:38 PM and July 27 4:54 AM & 12:12 PM posts.

I hope all of this information provides enough detail, while I rant on my own:
Tim Witcher recently posted an article on yahoo with the following lede:
"The UN Security Council passed a statement expressing shock at Israel's attack on a UN observer post in Lebanon which killed four peacekeepers but making no condemnation."

There are two things in this article that've got me riled. First:
The statement said "The Security Council is deeply concerned about safety and security of UN personnel and in this regard stresses that Israel and all concerned parties must comply fully with their obligations, international humanitarian law related to the protection of UN and its associated personnel."
There's absolutely no acknowledgement that it was really Hezbollah that put the U.N. personnel at risk. This is, first and foremost, a total denial of the facts.

Second is what apparently appears to be Witcher's own phrase:
France has proposed calling a meeting of UN Security Council foreign ministers next week to discuss a plan to end the conflict in Lebanon, unleashed by Israel on July 12 after two Israeli soldiers were kidnapped by the Hezbollah group.
This is what really threw me outta my chair. The phrase "unleashed by Israel." Clearly, Witcher forgot that Hezbollah has been launching the occasional missile into Israel during the Fall of lat year! And second, the kidnapping, followed by the immediate launching of Katyusha rockets into Israel before the IDF made even one move, should have been labeled the War's start!


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