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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Reviews from the Jewish World

I figured that in the middle of this Israel-Lebanon chaos I should finally get to listening to what Republican-oriented Jews had to say. So, I started my subscription to the Jewish World Review, and today's articles seem a bit typified yet quite well-informed in some cases.

Concering the ones I present to you:
Max Boot explains why every event in the Arab world shouldn't be spun into anti-Bush propaganda, James Lileks points to the many political "peaceniks" around the world who are throwing their support behind the many anti-Israel entities, Dick Morris tells us why the Democrats are useless when it comes to defending Israel, Cal Thomas wonders why we cannot take a stronger stance against Iran-backed Hezbollah and co., and Ann Coulter, in the midst of her Democrat-bashing, unleashes a "highlight reel" that I believe is a MUST-SEE for everybody.

These are great reads for any pro-Israel American Jew/Jewish American.

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