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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Not A CAIR In the Mideast

After some research of my own on the Council for American-Islamic Relations, spurred by frequent radio reports of its activity, I have been led to believe that perhaps CAIR is not suggestive enough as to its true nature. CAIR had, of course, according to anti-CAIR director Andrew Whitehead, "called on President Bush to demand of Israel that the Israelis allow the US to evacuate American citizens from Lebanon." In his response to CAIR's own press release, Whitehead does make two very good points:

1. "Why didn’t CAIR call for a cease fire by the Islamic terrorists of Hezbollah, Hamas, and the other assorted Muslim terrorist groups? Why is the cease-fire call only applicable to Israel?"

2. " Additionally, CAIR called on the US State Department to issue an advisory to U.S. citizens in the Israeli armed forces that they risk violating the Neutrality Act by taking part in attacks on a friendly nation...We remind our readers that Americans have traditionally volunteered to serve in allied countries during time of war when the US was neutral. The famous “Eagle Squadron” of WWII, along with the “Flying Tigers” are two examples that precede volunteering for the Israeli armed forces. Would CAIR like to tell any brave veteran “Eagles” or “Flying Tigers” that they violated the Neutrality Act?"

Thus these two points, as I mentioned previously, are well-put and perfectly elicited.
To view Whitehead's statement in full click here. CAIR's statement is here.

Once again, Unity over Diversity.
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