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Saturday, May 20, 2006


Aside from what I previously prescribed, Minutemen supporters may also opt for the Email List. Who knows what you'll receive? Don't ask, just sign up here.

The Civil Defense Corps have also decided we needed [or deserved] an education, so they rather wisely have pointed to a collection of links, provided by the House, on policymaking. That way, we know what the hell's wrong with our political system.

In an earlier post I recommended sending a fax to our congressmen telling them to beef up border security, or else no votes for them. I have found a better use for your money: the "Wake Up America" CD. I do not exactly know all of the details, but follow this link to find out more!

Also in an earlier post, I gave the link to the Minutemen's Standard Operating Procedure. For those interested, there also exists a Minuteman Pledge and Training Manual. Check 'em out!

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