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Friday, May 19, 2006

Minutemen Headquarters

Hello yet again, mah feller 'mericans!

To begin I will introduce the basics (non-news items) that should hopefully get us jump-started. In the next few posts I hope to cover with you all the material you'll need to get started defending our borders with the power granted to if not vested in you by the First Amendment.

In particular, the very first thing people who live close to the border should do is register to become patriotic Minutemen. Now, I do not live very close to the border myself. But I know there are many who are itching to contribute to their country and stop the inflow of illegal alieans. Because that's what they are. And people who break the law should be punished by it, not rewarded as they are now. And for those who do want to become Minutemen (and not just willy-nilly supporters like me), please be sure to read the rules.

For everyone else who cannot become a Minuteman but still wants to support our great nation, I'll be back later (perhaps tomorrow) with ways you can contribute. Until then, remember that ours is a country not of many but of unity, not of diversity but rather tolerance of differences.

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