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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Let Israel Fight!

At least one LA Times writer/contributor has put forth the common notion that the G8 Summit was unjustly focused on the Israel-Lebanon War rather than on poverty.
It's an okay argument. Yeah, I think poverty is important too.
But there's something missing. Something the LATimes-minded people do not get. Something they fail to grasp and succeed ignoring.
It is the following:
1- Hezbollah, founded as an organization that, like Hamas, has dedicated itself to the destruction of Israel, has garnered vocal support from Syria and fiscal support from Iran, whose support could be a ruse to defocus us from its nuclear policy.
2- As of 2000, Israel ended its occupation of southern Lebanon. Hezbollah used this opportunity to practically take over that region of the country and partially dominate the nation's legislature (with 20% Parliamentary representation). Hezbollah, thus, practically runs Lebanon.
Together, these facts demonstrate that Israel should have finished off Hezbollah when it had the chance. The removal of Israeli forces from Lebanon in 2000 could actually have helped exacerbate the most recent Intifada, as it showed a sign of weakness on Israel's part.
It is thus my opinion that instead of calling off the fighting, the world should let Israel drive Lebanon back into the stone age where it belongs. Believe it or not, there exists Arabs who actually want peace with Israel. They are called Palestinians, but for now they are cruelly subjugated by Hamas that, as a terrorist organization, neglects its constituents but manages to blame all of this neglect on Israel.
In America and Israel, ideals are great things to be attained.
In much of the Arab world, ideals are solely corruptible.


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