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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Where The Drive-By Mainstrea Media Falls Short

...but first, let me divulge my anger via this article, AP Writer Matti Friedman's Yahoo news story entitled "Hezbollah fires record rocket barrage." In this article Friedman reveals that:

"One missile fell near the Palestinian town of Jenin, leaving a 6-foot crater in a rural area of the
West Bank. It caused no casualties, and Palestinians said the mistake would not change their support for Hezbollah."

This event denotes the following facts:
1- Hezbollah truly does not care where it aims as long as its Katyushas cross the Blue line [why there's no int'l outcry against this carelessness dumbfounds me].
2- Hezbollah has no regard for the Palestinians [if it had such regard, none of its rockets would enter Palestinian territory. But Israel, OTOH, has such regard and uses precision-guided missiles designed to take out specific Hezbo targets. The fact that there's collaterl civilian damage means that Hezbo's doing something wrong (as Israel pre-notifies residents of places it is about to strike)].
3- The Palestinian people are mindless servants to the Islamist Borg - or so it seems. The fact that there's no protest from the Palestinians, not even a "please, be careful next time 'cuz we luv you Hezbo guys!" indicates that the Palestinians truly don't mind if their children are used as terrorists' tools.

Friedman also writes the following:
"The rocket fire killed a 52-year-old Israeli American in Kibbutz Saar, a communal farm near the coastal resort of Nahariya. It brought the Israeli death toll in the fighting to 55, including 19 civilians. The attacks Wednesday also wounded 58 people.
The American, whose name was not released, was killed as he rode his bicycle toward his home after a warning siren went off, said Yehuda Shavit, a local government official. Kibbutz residents said he was originally from the Boston area and had been living in Israel for 20 years.
His wife and two daughters had moved to the south earlier in the fighting, Shavit said. More than half the kibbutz residents had fled to safer areas out of range, he said.
Police sappers were trying to remove the remains of the rocket from the crater it bored into the ground, and an orange bulldozer was clearing away the rubble.
Another American immigrant was among three Israeli soldiers killed in fighting in Lebanon this week, the army said Wednesday.
Michael Levine, 21, of Philadelphia, moved to Israel three years ago and enlisted in the paratroopers, Israeli media reported. Levine cut short a visit to his family four days ago and returned to his unit."

Now, is it just me or have I not heard any sob stories from the major newspapers about the deaths of Americans at the hands of Hezbollah. Israel began this whole offensive because two of its guys were kidnapped, but in the midst of all this the Hezbos manage to kill two Americans and yet there's no cry for revenge from anyone in the 50 states? Is this what we've become - unpatriotic suckup pussies?!

In one moment, I'll get to the good stuff so stay tuned!...

- The Samaritan


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