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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Archiving the Hezbollah PR

Part I: The Denials

ON AUGUST 2, Sandra O'Malley of The Australian reported that "The Muslim Community Reference Group is considering writing to Prime Minister John Howard asking the Government to reconsider its listing of the militant arm of Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation."
Let us examine this for a moment, shall we?
MCRG chairman Dr. Amerr Ali, yet another Muslim Master of Spin, claimed on ABC radio that ""We are of the opinion that the Australian government does not have an independent foreign policy with regard to the Middle East...We go along with whatever the Americans say and the Americans go along with whatever the Israeli lobby says."
Clearly, he's having some separation-of-church-and-state issues. He'd rather think of Hezbollah as a legal political party than the terrorist organization it really is - in other words, he's afraid that acknowledging Hezbollah for the terrorist organization it truly is would go against his religion. But Hezbollah was clearly founded by Iran with the stated purpose of destroying Israel. And speaking of histories, O'Mally also revealed that the MCRG was founded "last year in the wake of the London terrorist bombings."
So in response to the partially-Islam-inspired-attack, the Land Down Under decided to let Muslims have an extra say in things? I think the reverse magnetism of the Souther Hemisphere's having some hallucinogein effect on the Aussie politicians. Maybe they'll need a 9/11 of their own to wake them up, if terrorism in other countries is a pretext for giving its Muslim community more political power.

WHEN FINANCIAL Times writer Mark Turner interviewed UN deputy secretary general Mark Malloch Brown August 1, Brown had this to say: "It’s not helpful to couch this war in the language of international terrorism. Hizbollah employs terrorist tactics, it is an organisation however whose roots historically are completely separate and different from Al Qaeda."
These words represent the current stance of the UN, and until it revises this philosophy Islamism will continue to threaten both Western Civilization and the world at large.
Of course, to put it much simpler, Brown plays the "they're not Al Qaeda" card to say what one would understand by reading between the lines: Hezbollah ain't a terrorist organization.
But we know sure as hell that the Hezbos are terrorists.
We know.

(Next in this series is Part II: Protests and Demonstrations)

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