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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Rxn. to the British Airline Disaster

I listened to [that nut - but not really] Ken Gallacher on that talk-radio station KFI. I listened to the guy talk about racially profiling [this is the same guy who suggested the renewal of trains to replace trucks as transportation for bulky shipments - an excellent idea - and "endorsed" The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science] the Muslim Community, an idea also explored by Steven M. Warshawsky in his Amecan Thinker commentary titled "Whose Side Are They On?"

And guess who "they" are? [No, really...guess. And you should be able to get this one right.]

But here's the thing...he has a point. To paraphrase, Gallacher was pointing out that every time the terrorists devised a new strategy, we were playing the hindsight game and cracking down on that particular venue. Now that it's liquids we're cracking down on the liquids.

But the authorities are missing something, claims Gallacher. Instead of going after the terrorists items - which are only perfectly obvious in hindsight - why don't we go after the terrorists themselves? Gallacher openly claims that this would be racial profiling, but he explains that this is a kind of profiling he'd accept - and I'd agree with him. After all, aren't most or all of these terrorists Afghani- or Pakistani - trained? Aren't they home-grown young Muslim men [or recent converts] who are voluntarily schooled in the terrorism circuit?

A normal person would justifiably ask me to explain myself. And, so, I would...but then I discovered that LGF's Charles Johnson's done a pretty good job at that for me already.

It begins, of course, with the initial report "Breaking: Major Terror Plot Foiled in UK ."
Charles follows this with his "British Dhimmitude Watch."
Then on cue, Johnson anticipates the Bush-CAIR battle. He's not wrong.
The battle intensifies on global and personal fronts, including veiled threats agains the Blair administration which, of course, didn't take it too well and the Muslim Community's now facing some heat.

So, really, taking a close look at Charles Johson's coverage of other world affairs over the past few days, including events at Dearborn Mich. and pro-Hezbollah rallies [and media coverage], it might not be so over-the-top for Gallacher, Warshawsky and me to suggest some degree of racial profiling.

Who knows? Maybe racial profiling could be more beneficial than detrimental to society.

But I won't bet on it.

Keeping level with the News,
- The Samaritan


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