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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Documenting Reutersgate

So, did you think Reuters couldn't take any more heat?
I'll bet you did. But new probes are coming out every day.

For example, the Los Angeles Times finally gives a sh*t about it, albeit via Tim Rutten [the guy most qualified to provide a dissertation from this irrelevant partisan newspaper]. Rutten, actually does not go into detail - he merely gives glowing lip service to Charles Johnson [if that hasn't been done enough] and throws in a few statements about how Israel has the moral ground.

Not a very convincing article.

What did you expect?

It's the LA Times, for goodness' sake!

But for depth, go for's in-depth documentary labeled "The Reuters Photo Scandal: A Taxonomy of Fraud."

Subtitled "A comprehensive overview of the four types of photo fraud committed by Reuters, August, 2006," this report is continued with the following intro:
The recent discovery that the Reuters news agency released a digitally manipulated photograph as an authentic image of the bombing in Beirut has drawn attention to the important topic of bias in the media. But lost in the frenzy over one particular image is an even more devastating fact: that over the last week Reuters has been caught red-handed in an astonishing variety of journalistic frauds in the photo coverage of the war in Lebanon. This page serves as an overview of the various types of hoaxes, lies and other deceptions perpetrated by Reuters in recent days, since the details of the scandal are getting overwhelmed by a torrent of shallow mainstream media coverage that can easily confuse or mislead the viewer. Almost all of the investigative work has been done by cutting-edge blogs, but the proliferation of exposés might overwhelm the casual Web-surfer, who might be getting the various related scandals mixed up. In this essay I hope to straighten it all out.

The subsequent report itself is quite extensive and hard-core. I'd suggest you give it a look - it's worth it.

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