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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Archiving the Hezbollah PR

Part III: Reminders - Keeping The Tally Just in Case You’ve Forgotten It All

Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin are amongst the most-feared Republican women. And sometimes, that fearsomeness is deserved. But these two chicks can put their ferocity to good use, particularly when it comes to reminding everyone else that Islam has quite an effect on people.

For example, take Malkin’s “random gallery of ‘lone’ shooters.” Following the Haq debacle, she embarked on a quest to compile her own research and turned out a list of Muslims and Muslim wannabees throughout the continental United States who have committed crimes. Some of them against Jews, some profiled as ‘hate crimies’ in general, and others…probably just for sport. Malkin is hopefully not suggesting that Islam intentially requires or provokes these attacks, but it is important to note the circumstances for Malkin’s criminals and to understand that when Islam’s involved, no crime is random.

Malkin follows her Gallery with another assembled collection of reminders, this time under the banner “Lights, Camera, Hezbollywood!” as she begins by expressing her annoyance with O’Reilly for shrugging off important PR info concerning Qana, writing “the truth matters” and following her subsequent praise of what-the-MSM-won’t-tell-you blogs with a complete list of ways the MSM has been [in some cases, apparently willingly] duped by Spin-Masters in the Islamofascist world called the MidEast.

Now we move on to Ann Coulter. You see, she will not miss an opportunity to criticize democrats, so her motives could be question with far greater ease than would Malkin’s. But the Highlight Reel she composes in her JWR article “More of Kerry’s Retroactive Campaign Promises,” when disposed of its anti-Democratic slant, lays barren the history of anti-Western [and particularly anti-American] Islamofascism. It’s worth a look.

Between Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin, other than being presented with a strong case for aligning ourselves with the Republican party [oops a little partisan there snicker snicker], we have found revealed to us a complete compilation of why we must back Israel. Doing otherwise is akin to bringing forth the hastening of our decline and defeat.

The Final Part Four Is Coming Up Next!
- The Samaritan


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