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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Midnight Train

Democrat voters must be very happy. The guy who's currently winning the popular vote (largely due to Cook County and the absence of Florida and Michigan) also might get more superdelegates. The catch that goes with "change we can believe in": Because he can dish out more money.

Looks like the Supreme Court doesn't want to get involved in the Legislative-Executive tug of war, even when doing so endangers foul play. Here's a memo to the Supremes: a lower court decided it could have a say in federal affairs by striking down an even lower court's decision to limit corruption. You guys can do the right thing. Meantime, you just sent Legislators a message that they can get away with shit without much apprehension. Great job.

A lot of people are starting to notice the Arrogance of Obama. He'd previously described Wright as "mentor," "spiritual adviser," "moral compass" and "sounding board." But on The View:
"I feel badly that he has been characterized in just this one way. But he was my pastor. I think people overstate this idea of mentor or spiritual adviser. He was my pastor."

An AT contributor writes:
The real question is, why do major NATO powers such as Germany oppose NATO expansion into Tbilisi and Kyiv? The answer is simple and extremely short sighted. Several West European powers have sold their souls to Russia to make sure that they can get a steady supply of oil.

While Russia may have a different mindset from European democracies, and the Russian people whom I have met overseas do not really want a Western style democracy, the fact of the matter is that Russia should not be allowed to interfere in NATO decisions. And Gazprom, the Russian State oil company, has proven itself to be an unreliable trading partner. Gazprom has threatened to shut off supplies to not only The Ukraine and West Europe, but has also threatened the same with its own allies like Belarus. With friends like Putin and Gazprom, who needs enemies?

As many of you know, a storm of controversy has been ignited by Obama calling unplanned teen pregnancies "punishments." Even the Washington Post has dug through Obama's past. Of course, at issue on this is the next couple of Supreme Court Justices, and the fact that every child born after the mid-70s can look their parent in the eye and know that they could have been that constitutionally aborted fetus, which might explain the possible upsurge in pro-lifers.

We can still take advantage of Germany acting the hypocrite.


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