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Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Integrity Cage Match

In order that the Holocaust is not repeated, its survivors need to tell their stories - and they need the full resources at their disposal in order to do so. Any less is a perversion of, or at worst a will to repeat, history.

Europe is at last full of an unseemly mix of internationalists and political Islam apologists - and they may find they're not good bedfellows.

At the very least, even though it's taking a different method to confront terrorists (namely, diplomatic capitulation to tribal leaders, which changes much of the dynamic along the Pakistan-Afghanistan war), the Pakistani government is making some headway.

And hey, here's a few people's parting shots at Eliot Spitzer.

This story of the Hamas manifesto published by Obama's Trinity Church has been getting plenty of traction these days, as it particularly should for the Jewish community. New details on this emerge every day.

The MSM never ceases to amaze me. Power Line's Scott Johnson absolutely rips into the BBC, and Charles Johnson catches the BBC once again in the act of performing its usual Ministry of Truth tactics. Rosslyn Smith dissects how the media will be expected to treat McCain into the general season. Patterico also takes on the latest LATimes hit job on the Maverick.


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