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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Empty Forest, No Megaphone

So many talk of the "end" of conservatism, whatever that means, as a result of WFB's passing. But this is the press at work that as usual gets ideological dividends from democrats telling us in Hitlerian fashion that Conservatives are disintegrating. Who after all wants to side with a non-underdog minority?

But maybe, this election season, it's the Democrats who're really splintering.

David Weidner of MarketWatch opines:
"It's the editors and reporters who stepped out of their roles when it came to making Spitzer too good to be true. Big papers dutifully leaked embarrassing details about Spitzer's targets, generated by the attorney general's office, while protecting the source of the information. In most cases, reporters put careerism ahead of fairness or, at least, questioning the tactics of one of the state's leading law-enforcement officials.
At the height of his power, Spitzer was in control, and instead of challenging him, the media was part of his machine."

It appears that due to the Wright Wrevelations, the real Obama has stood up.

That's right: Porkorrupt Barack.


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