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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Meaty and Juicy: The Link-O-Rama!

There seems to be a kind of cut and run strategy here. We have a word for those who give a half-hearted attempt to willingly discredit someone with little evidence. But why settle for one word when we can get a whole expose?

Some people might not like it, but the recent unfortunate occurrences in Pakistan underscore that if the new Parliament discards the U.S., the latter will have no problem going into Waziristan without permission while strengthening its ties with India.

So, Saddam didn't have WMDs by the time we invaded, hadn't had a hand in 9/11, and wasn't in cahoots with AQ. And still to this day, I feel like asking: "so?"

Speaking of AQ, its fingers are all over a plot against China. I'm sorry but, um, I'd like to hear how this is retaliation for Iraq or anything else the Chinese might have done to piss off the AQ overlords...anyone?

Oh, and all that clas warfare? Definitive bullf*ck. And, very quickly, EISA 2007.


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