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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Average Propensity to Convolute

Okay. We've seen the recent media-driven smears of our troops suggesting drastically awful suicide, homicide, and paranoid rates as a result of the Iraq war. We've seen the circumstantial anecdotes and the scant evidence.

But oh, the corporate/mainstream/drive-by media's not quite done yet. Nuh-uh. They're just gettin' started! ABC is the first to blame the "puppy cliff" video on the Iraq war. Then NBC dishes out an underhanded attack on vets - and one vet in particular (think about which one; hint: John McCain). And The Atlantic makes a blanket statement that Manchu-stationed troops are rapists.

Is war ever perfect? No. But consider that in the past century, governments've had a higher recent kill count than have militaries. Peacetime is for losers.


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