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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Methodology Of A Winning Precedent

It seems that the Mansoor "Manny" Dadullah has been in spots of trouble lately. Last time he was captured, his cronies had to resort to exchanging him for an Italian dude they captured in retaliation. This time around, Manny might be exchanged with an ambassador and two geologists. The Taliban just loves playing the ransom game every time we get one of their guys - and Europe waltzes right along with 'em! The problem is that both Manny Dadullah and Baitullah Mehsud really know how to drive wedges between the localized Taliban and the global AQ network. What's worse is that neither dude's a really good strategist, so they end up ass-screwing their volunteers in in the Euro cells. They only understand force, though, and while the Taliban is just a measly bacteria, AQ is a frickin' pandemic virus, one that evolution and adaptation can only screw over with intensive patience.

At least, it'll go on as long as the Democrats' weapons are sheets of flimsy.


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