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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Questions of Remorse: A Query in Attitude

For some highly skilled experts, analyzing the cause of a death is not rocket science. It is a pity the Pakistanis don't think the same way, on a few levesl. First and foremost, of course, is the death of Bhutto. Scotland Yard says "Dance!" Musharraf quips "But that's what I said!" And the Pakistani people still resoundingly shout "No!"

Perhaps Captain Ed doesn't take the equation to the next step - it's sure swell to suggest that the Bhutto family conduct its own autopsy with ample press coverage. But the state on the ground plus the steady convictions of the Pakistani people are unlikely to help expedite the process of uncovering the specific cause of Bhutto's death - and quashing any remaining floating rumors in the process. Whenever quick and easy is not an option, efficient and deliberate cannot always fill the shoes - but since when has it ever hurt to've tried?


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