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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Half A Life: A Decade Since

Monicagate brought me into this world. In a literal sense, I'm not kidding. I must have been ten, so I was coming of age around then. As Bush 43's said, he's not worried about historians working on him while they're still debating Washinton 01. The same can be said about Monicagate. In fact, I've come across some telling, refreshing commentary on the not-so-aged issue.

At Slate, Tim Noah says:
It was 10 years ago on Jan. 12 that Linda Tripp notified Whitewater Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's office that she had audiotapes of Monica Lewinsky telling her that she'd had an affair with President Bill Clinton, and that he'd urged her to lie if asked about it under oath.

And Rand Simberg replies:
Hint for the terminally clueless. This wasn't "getting a BJ." It wasn't "lying about getting a BJ." As clearly stated by Noah, it's called suborning perjury, in order to prevent a vulnerable young woman from getting a fair trial in a civil suit under a law that the suborner had signed with his own pen. Not to mention bribing and/or intimidating a witness to perjure herself, which is a more egregious instance of same.
Maybe I'm weird, but it seems very hard to reconcile that with upholding an oath to see the nation's laws faithfully obeyed. King William didn't think that the law should apply to him, either when in Arkansas when he allegedly raped a woman as the state Attorney General, or as President of the United States.
That was what the Lewinsky scandal was about.

Tim goes on:
Linda Tripp was rightly identified as the worst villain of all for deceiving her friend Monica and for being a prude, a tattle-tale, and a buttinsky...

To which Rand replies:
I would also point out to Mr. Noah that, there is one person who, throughout, told the truth in this affair, and was never caught out in a lie, or lack of probity, despite all the attacks on her weight, her looks, or her "infidelity" to the "friend" who asked her to commit perjury. Her name was Linda Tripp.

This is one of those when hey, even you liberals can't have it both ways. Two people, two opinions. Pick a side.


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