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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Blast From The Right About Now!

It wasn't official before, I'm sure the news'll be supressed now, but still, FNC's been vindicated as the most 'fair and balanced' cable news service.

Bryan Preston has a grievance about the Intel situation and notes McCain's unfortunate involvement (his counterpart Allahpundit meanwhile using every remaining opportunity to negate Romney). Or, as Ed Morrissey says:
"People wondered on 9/12 why our intel operatives were so risk-adverse. In 2007, the question answers itself."
Schoenfeld of Commentary rebukes the long-term role of Congress in this mayhem.

Speaking of Congress, we are shown how non-lame duck Bush actually is. His maneuvering kept the GOP in charge of both Houses in '02 and '04, only to suffer in some swing districts in '06. But Bush and the GOP in Congress have decided they won't bow to rule by plurality. The Dems are understandably yet undeniably shaken. Perhaps Morrissey is right to call that Lame Duck "Mr. Relevant."

In case you missed it, a history of photoshopping.

Even some of my Dem friends have a problem with Reid. He must go.

Ed Lasky has a scathing review of the times, while Morrissey and Preston rip the AJC to shreds over proper journalism.

Phil Plait's a cool guy. That's why I recommend y'all check out the Top 10 Astro Picks of '07.

Hmm - in case anyone missed out, Jim Hoft does a back-to-back on what should and shouldn't count as a hate crime.

Scott Johnson at Powerline eyes the ICRC and BBC - the British-version NYT - with a penetrating suspicion.

The al-Dura case keeps resurfacing. Ace pouts that the courts oughtn't be ok with "missing" raw footage that threw oil in the fire of the then-infantile Second Intifada. I'm in full agreement.

Well, we beat back the AQ enemy at Musa Qala, and of course...nobody knows. That is, moreover, rather, that the fourth estate is a fifth column that'd rather see us lose this war for ideological dividends than see the war through with our uniformed men and women.

For all those who care Ron Silver, has a long piece on fear over at Pajamas Media.

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross over at CTB comments on the Fort Dix Six. His main focus is on the propensity of the prison system, but he's mising IMHO the crucial factor that is conversion to Islam. Reynolds has a few words to that effect; Hoft and Morrissey crack that eggshell. The latter has a bone to pick in that region anyway.

A lot of folk have decried "Golden Compass" for its seemingly blatant anti-Catholicism. Which is true. But Penraker reads between the lines and points to an even more disturbing facet of the film - Satanism. Brendan Miniter at Opinion Journal, meanwhile, shows us what Hollywood doesn't have the guts to peruse.

Whether you choose to call it "Huck Zen" or "Playground Diplomacy," the Foreign Affairs piece is getting real traction in Tehran. Not sure if that was Huck's intended plan.

Turns out Washburn, not contrary to expectations, did have a plainly obvious bias, and we can add the Saudis to Hillary's laundry list.

Speaking of which, Novak's got his own must-read laundry list of grievances. Pat Buchanan's got just one: Diversity.

James Taranto highlighted some newsy items a few weeks back. The first article (on liberal compassion) is worth a look.

Kopel at the Rocky Mtn. News seems to think the media might at least in part be responsible for many grisly homicides. Gee, ya think?!

In the midst of his usual frothy Hillary-bashing, Hoft bombshells readers that Clintonite-In-Chief Billy Jeff was a big eavesdropper during his Reichly Reign (ahem: "administration").

Gosh good grief gee whiz - EU/UN Brit officials taking time off from duty to chat with the Taliban. The Afghan gov't gave 'em the boot.

Finally, Jim and Scott do some politially-motivated metaphorical archaelogical digging and come up with the gems you'll get in the links.

As you can tell, most of this's been a review of the past month. But oh I'm not done yet, only halfway through. I'll get the rest down in no time - stay tuned!


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