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Monday, April 30, 2007

AT on RC

Steven M. Warshawsky writes in American Thinker recently about "racial consciousness" and how it pertains to blacks.

That's kinda funny, actually. The terms that many ethnicites currently find derogatory are the terms I think aren't. For example, females would rather be called woman than lady, when the opposite was true at least a generation ago. Orientals are now known as Asians, Black is the new Africa-American, and Negro (actually, Nigger) has now been replaced by Nigga (now, ironically, the demeaning terms by which blacks prefer to call themselves). In each of these cases, I prefer the old terms because I deem the current terms in use as just as demeaning as their predecessors.

On a related note, Andrew Bostom also has a mindblowingly good post in AT.


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