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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Why Sink to New Lows?

Well, that is an EXCELLENT question to ask the media. The BBC, in particular, will do anything to undermine the War in Iraq, which is really just a regional conflict within the much wider Long War on Terror. And we knew Reuters would willingly allow doctored photographs into its arsenal without checking it, but now the CBC has sunk to a new low by seemingly deliberately allowing an alteration in a photograph - dealing with pollution. I had often asked myself when someone would doctor a photograph concerning this topic, but now I need ask no more.

But on a lighter note, I had in a previous post criticized my own school paper for refusing to print the word "nigger." In my POV it has redeemed itself by honestly reporting the VTech massacre as a shooting and not just a "mass murder," as most professional news outlets were wont to do.

Thankfully, though, that seems to be all the news for today.

Oh, and it's Hot Air's birthday...Celebrate!!!!


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