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Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Good Stuff

What with Murth and McCain making fools of themselves, we gotta focus on the good stuff.

To begin with, there's the lovely coincidence that a disaster in the most lefty of cities, San Francisco, served its purpose as proof that fire melts steel. Take that one, Truthers!

Also, finally faced with heartwarming stories, the NYTimes finally prints the good truths about success in Iraq (in the same way a Soviet spy makes a "confession" after being subjected to the American National Anthem who's actually guilty - he says it, means it, but regrets it). Nonetheless, for a change in its recent history, it did the right thing. Shame - it's almost acting out of character!

And it jumped onto the boat just in time. We've captured not just one but TWO Big Fish. One is AQ. The other is Iran. So much for that "civil war" theory, heh?

Oh, and to top off that icing on that cake, we foiled a Taliban ambush and caught an 'ol Taliban friend.

Hard to argue with success NOW, folks!


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