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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

By Numbers, By Jove!

First off, when I mentioned Mitt Romney in the context of the American Thinker, I was referring to this - and now it looks like Romney's got a near-endorsement not just from those guys, but also the ever-esteemed Power Line.

The good man at Penraker brings news: a meagre 52 scientists served at the political whim of 115 diplomats in order to compile that masterful IPCC Report of pure unadulterated bunk, with which over 400 real scientists have a bit of a problem.

In other news, a Chaffey College math professor's review of D'Suza's new book What's So Great About Christianity prompted a realization on my part. Alan Roebuck's review maintains that:
"Indeed, although most liberals and many leftists do believe in some sort of god, the doctrines of the left are definitely based on the nonexistence of the God of the Bible, in which case man alone decides what is true, good and beautiful. And with no supernatural Authority to restrain him, the leftist finds his way clear to remake society in any way he sees fit. This, along with the fact that Christianity has been responsible for much of the formation of Western Civilization, is why the defense of Christianity is the defense of the West."
I took this thought process to the next step. One inevitably comes to the conclusion along this line of reasoning that absent a deity we are led to belive that we are masters of this planet and can affect this planet through our actions - hence the anthropogenic global warming movement. But Judaism and its monotheistic offshoots - that is, Islam and Christianity - maintain that people are but mere stewards and servants of the earth, just as the position of POTUS is created to serve Americans and the American interests. One can therefore see the dangerous lack of humility that atheism can - not will, but can - pose.


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