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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Little More v. A Little Too Much

I grew up in a neighborhood in which things don't necessarily happen in chronological order. Generally, one must be famous before one ventures into the Hollywood Hills. I do not know if Paris Hilton fits this mold, but I often wonder if we ever get Enough Of Paris.

Let us consider: like anyone who breaks the law, Paris went to jail. And of course, this Paris fiasco played out the way some of it expected. But she is still an anomaly to me. A KFI 640 reporter commented that Paris rushing from the jail to her limo was like a "reverse" Red Carpet - going from the building to the car, as opposed to the other common norm of car to building. And moments ago, a news reporter of the same station asked the question I think we all want to voice: "What is the fascination with Paris Hilton?"

Regardless, in preparation for our generation's Liberation of Paris - the last one occured during WWII - the street next to mine, where Paris supposedly lived, was closely monitored. I am not the least bit curious about this woman, yet the vast majority of everyone else seems to want to get its fill.

And yet, she is my neighbor. Like I care. But this being my first summer back from college, I was hoping to get to know my neighbors more. But like a few of my uber-neighbors, Paris is one of the few I will "know of" before I visit her.

Okay, so even though she's a street over, I might never get to do it. But eventually, at least, maybe I'll be the first Hollywood Hills native to become famous before leaving the area. I'm still building the blueprints...wish me luck!


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