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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Step By Slow Painful Step

Not more than twenty-five years ago, Ralphie craved a BB-Gun. Now, the Brits can't do Lego anymore. Fake toy gun-ish catapults for the kids? Only, sadly, in America.

Looks like I can add Rick Moran to the list of those who are of the opinion that Congressional Oversight has proven to be a woefully significant policy failure.

Ed Lasky picks out what Charles Johnson might all a "Fiskie." In this case, PDDNI Donald Kerr has decided to re-impliment and strengthen a Diversity program through the DSIW program. This, of course, after the scandal that was the Nada Prouty incident. The day that the bureaucratic knot on the State Dep't and CIA loosen will be the day that will redeem the world.

What Clarice Feldman could not say in so many words is exactly, precisely what I've been communicating - that esteemed members of the fourth estate rely on ideological dividends for their personal satisfaction. Feldman's also got a busload of revelation spilling all over the Clinton campaign, with thanks and a hat tip to Steve Gilbert. And now, of course, another satisfyingly juicy story on Miss Clinton, former first lady and current Terminator, though with less term and more terminate. Hence the numbers speak.

Thomas Lifson will end our night with a silent prayer of thanks for justice:
"The so-called scandal that drove Paul Wolfowitz from his post as president of the World Bank has ended, not with a bang but a whimper."

Goodnight, My Fellow Americans. And So Long, 2007...


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