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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Oil, Kenyans, David, and David (and Thomas)

While political clout and fallout in Nigeria recently caused a jerkoff to reason himself into a $100 per barrel oil purchase, Kenya's been having some real existential problems within its own political system. Ed Morrissey credits some slight U.S. pressure in the recent possibility of concessions. Credit where it's due.

Meanwhile, amidst the 'Times-Journal' standoff in the Murdoch-Sulzberger wars, the establishment media's trying to reclaim its old throne of authority on the fourth estate. On that note, David Hazinski offered his opinion in the AJC that "Unfettered 'citizen journalism' [is] too risky." David Lazarus offers his take in the LATimes on the 'net's impact on good 'ol-fashioned print journalism (old being an appropriately operative word here). And finally, because she doesn't think we'll ever get enough of her, Helen Thomas decides to clear her conscience. Nearly.


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