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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Press the press to press the press to...

Now, in my long diatribe on Yale Law I wrote on the difference between actual guilt and declared guilt by a random sample (also called a jury). In our most recent demonstration of this, an article penned in a middle school student newspaper made its way online and became an instant big hit in the big media, basically claiming that the school banned farting. Indeed, said the principal, some teachers were enforcing it as a new 'policy,' but it hadn't been anything on the level of a "rule." There have even been accusations of it having been a rule, with the principal backpedaling when the story broke. But then here, again, is where the truth is elusive enough that it might just have to be decided by what the majority believes.

This leaves us with two scenarios. One, the article is as pranky as some had believed it to be, which speaks ill of the national presses. Two, the national coverage did get the school elite to dial down this "new rule," just as the CA thermostat big-brotherism and McCain's amnesty bill were killed by national exposure from particular corners of the media. It's a shame such a tactic won't work on an international level with the Saudi womens' rights violations nor the abuse of native Africans in the Darfur region.

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