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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Reactions, Determinants and Derivatives

Ed Morrissey comments on the Archbishop of Canterbury's sharia statements:
The Archbishop forgot that Britain operates under a representative government, not a theocracy. The adoption of shari'a would obliterate that system and place the UK under the thumb of imams -- a prospect that even British Muslims find distasteful. Khalid Mahmood, a Muslim MP for Labour, noted that Muslims around the world fight to free themselves from such systems, and wondered aloud whether Williams knows what shari'a actually entails.

It's not the first time a member of the clergy has suggested appeasement and surrender for a strategy against expansion of radical Islam. The endorsement of these strategies by the leader of the Anglican Church is especially disheartening, however. That the leader of a worldwide sect of Christianity thinks of shari'a as "inevitable" should prompt questions about his fitness for that office.

Maybe those who objected to Horowitz' ad in the Wheel would do themselves some good paying attention to Mr. Mahmood. And what is terribly scary is that a religious authority of a religious sect that broke itself away from a distant leadership (the Pope) was completely willing to be complicit in subervting centuries-old tradition in favor of an entirely different faith - one that was, to be historically accurate, imported from a distance in the first place to begin with. Now if that ain't prime-roasted cultural suicide, then...I dunno what is!


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