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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Super Tuesday Backbones: A Reflection

Yes, yes - Super Tuesday has come and gone. But the repurcussions are only beginning to be felt. And as such, on that note, in that light, a brief summary of blue-state identity politics:

Clinton has strong support among Hispanics, Jews, and white urban working class voters. These groups are underrepesented in Iowa, North Dakota, etc. Thus, Clinton struggles...The big difference this time is that the non-establishment guy who appeals to upscale voters and kids happens to be black. Thus, African-Americans combine with the upper income and younger voters, and their candidate wins both in states where many blacks live and in states where other traditional Democratic constituencies are not well represented.

Maybe, in a few years or a few millennia, issues-based voting will once again find its way into the Democrat primary process. Or at least, one can only hope...


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