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Saturday, March 01, 2008

And THAT About Says It All...

Lifted from a Yahoo Finance article:
The hardest hit state of all is California, where celebrated Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has $16 billion of red ink to address. Faced with steep deficits, state governors are proposing new and creative ways of coping with their budget crises. Republican Governor Don Carcieri plans to cut Rhode Island’s state work force by 1,000 in order to soften next year’s estimated $385 million shortfall. In Arizona, Democratic Governor Janet Napolitano wants to build schools and make counties accountable for some prison costs in an attempt to narrow an estimated $1.2 billion deficit.

Now, let's focus on California. The American Legislative Exchange Council's "Rich States Poor States" '03 report attributes half of CA's $14 billion deficit at that time to a fifth of the state's milionaires fleeing the state to avoid the special interest-imposed taxes and regulations, as pointed out at World Net Daily. In addition, in the next two years California managed to attain the second-biggest domestic population outflow of the 50 states, a humiliating label. California will lose - and in fact, has lost - jobs, which aren't really get back-able. Perhaps the legislative leaders in Sacramento forgot that states compete for jobs, and dangling taxes at potential landowners is not going to draw many serious business? Apparently the legislative analyst who the Governator bypassed to strike down taxes wants 'em cranked up by another $2.7 billion. Maybe she didn't get the jist about the memo on unions, special interests and high taxes being antithetical to the economic strength of a state. If other states take on California's recent performances as their own, it'll be little wonder that outsourcing from the United States continues indefinitely. Little Wonder.


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