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Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Few Words On The Buckley Era

Choice words from Oraculations with a heavy weight:
A giant has passed us, make no mistake.
When he first hit the scene with "God and Man at Yale," he didn't cause things to change immediately, but that book sold well and acted to till the soil so the seeds of conservative thought could be planted and the new and different trees might actually grow. Keep in mind that NO conservative voice existed. The MSM made sure that conservative meant KKK, racist morons, religious fanatics, and people not right in the head. Everyone subscribed to that view. A view that the Left would have you believe right now. It took Republicans more than twenty years to throw over the racist elements in the party, but because Buckley created that launching pad for ideas it was done.

What were things like before Bill? Easy. Look at a cube of butter. See how it's wrapped. A complicated hard to open packaging that was mandated by government to....keep the people wrapping butter in their jobs. Our entire society was mis-wrapped like that cube, governed by the state in virtually all that we did and owned. Answering machines were ILLEGAL because their use would put operators at switchboards on the unemployment lines. Federal Express didn't exist because it was illegal to ship anything by private carrier. There had to be elevator operators in every elevator even though the electronic system was in place. Much of the New Deal is still in place but the removal of so much of it is due to the arrival of WFB. The funny thing about it is that he got face and airtime because he was Ivy, sounded like those phony Liberals such as Russian spy, Alger Hiss; and was considered harmless by the liberal establishment

Reagan was a stupid actor and Buckley was harmless.

He had a good run. He did his job. Thank God.

RIP, Bill.


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