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Friday, March 07, 2008

Not Like It Used To Be

California's probably a lot different from when Reagan was the go-to guy. Most recently, after the disastrous Davis governorship and the failed 2005 special election, we've had the antiwar protesters vs. marines standoff in SanFran and an "independent" tax-hiking analyst who doesn't understand half of CA's economic meltdown.

Now, here's a little message to Alan Colmes, who yesterday invited Ed Morrissey on his radio show just to bash him in over suggesting nutcases in the antiwar movement would do just what similarly disturbed individuals in any other radical activist group would - that is, target specific individuals in random acts of violence. Umm guys, an antiwar lawyer keyed an active duty soldier's car a few months ago. It'll happen sooner than the leftist shmuck supposes. And don't forget the arson in Times Square. Nah, here's the thing...when a foster teen wants to enlist early for Marine sniper duty and a $10,000 signing bonus, you'd think a reason for turning him away would be legal, right? Well umm no, not when it comes to Children's Court Commissioner Marilyn Mackel, no in that case...wrong. This story flew though a few portals, including Fox News, before I picked it up off LGF Quick Links. The bitch turned him down for personal reasons...she didn't approve of the Iraq War, won't trust recruiters, and doesn't support our uniformed men and women. I'll let y'all soak that in...

In the meantime, here's a heartwarming tale of the Guvernator siding with the homeschooling family (the Lynwood Longs) that was ruled against in court. Pro: father does homeschooling to prevent his kids from learning about homosexuality until they are mature enough; Con: father is a creationist.

But I know one thing: all's well that ends well.


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