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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Breaking the Bread

We all knew it had to come to!

Even with Penraker out of bandwidth, climate science is being exposed for the bureaucratic "ism" it really is. Rand Simberg spots us a guy named Miskolczi who's in big trouble with NASA management for updating an outdated theory. "That would be completely uprecedented in science," Rand notes sarcastically, adding that "climate researchers are always portrayed as objective, noble and selfless, unswayed by the need to maintain their grant funding stream from Big Climate Change."

Always a whistleblowing media watchdog, Michelle Malkin catches the Associated Press in the act of "sweeping claims about a DoD inspector general’s report purporting to tie Dick Cheney and KBR/Halliburton to water-borne illnesses." I tried to summarize it in my own terms. There's no way. Check the link for incredibly catchy details.

OK, so I guess the link-o-rama! will come a bit later, I think what we have in this post is enough of a shocka for some people. Adieu!


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