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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Shots in the Dark

Jim Hoft notes in the "Client 9" aftermath that Spitzer's a rarity as a Democrat resignee. Then again, he's not in the business of the feds.

Tehran Police Chief Reza "modesty crackdown" Zarei, fond of coffee, walks on the beach and watching women pray in the nude, will be secretly tried after elections as a result of being caught in bed with six soiled doves. "Client 9" on line one for you, Zarei!

Maybe it's time to give that IPCC report a second look.

As the Democrat primaries are being reduced to identity politics, isn't it time for the GOP to have a strategy change?

In case nobody noticed, the "war on drugs" has reached an important climax and the question "where do we go from here?" begs for an answer.

Shocka: our tax money sponsors terrorist propaganda.

And now that Obama has silenced his cat, his bulldog has come out of the pen (or in his case, pulpit).


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