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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lest We Forget....

The Partially Biased Observations at blogspot remind us of the calls to war with Iraq by Dem leaders in '98 and '02. And the suggestions of AQ-Saddam links go back as far as the Clinton Administration. Also, Bill Ardolino reminds us that press matters.

And Jim Hoft reminds us that speaking on the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children who died as a result of the 90s sanctions against Saddam, Madeleine Albright said "the price is worth it." Meanwhile, Saddam was building up his weapons program while the Oil for Food scandal occurred in plain sight:

Nowhere close to that figure - of children, no less - has been killed as a result of this war, even by ISI and the other insurgent groups.

And maybe it's just me, but Columbia U. must be feeling nausea right about now:

And don't forget that even though the stock market's been feeling it the past two days, the press found it necessary to feed recession fears by highliting that even though February unemployment fell to 4.8%, keeping the Bush average below the Clinton average, the relevant info (to MSM types) was the 63,000 jobs slashed last month. Picky, picky.

What we also forget is that all the far left has to do is convince enough Americans that AQ isn't a bad guy and attacked us for ok reasons, and they'll take total control of the feds no problem. And, guess who'll be celebratin'?

Well, turns out even Samantha Powers admits that just as with NAFTA, Obama cannot be trusted on his Iraq policy. Speaking of NAFTA, the Danish PM is the latest foreign leader to blast the Dem candidates' economic foreign policies.


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