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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Don't Stare, I'm Busy

The presses, you see, cannot bring themselves to admit Spitzer's guilt (and of course his wives' statements following Monicagate are getting plenty replay in light of all this) largely due to his party affiliation. One LATimes columnist even demanded as a result of this fiasco that prostitution be legalized. Why? Because a Democrat was caught doing it - ergo, it must be ok! I can bet you now that if a Democrat jumped off a cliff tomorrow, expect a gaggle of reporters to be close behind. It is to be, sadly, expected these days.

Speaking of fiascos, Ed Morrissey recounts the Metzenbaum-Doggett debacle concerning the Justice Thomas hearings in light of Metzenbaum's recent death and in the added context of Doggett's well-spoken-of conversion to conservatism. Oh well, happens to everyone at some point...

Ah, far too good to ignore....Rocky Reid said our Founding Fathers were earkmark-o-philes! Eh, Rocky, it's factual history for you on line 3! Well, this is to be expected from the pork-&-tax-loving 110th!

Y'know, I respect Howard a lot, but now he's on the tail of...the Russian Mafia!?


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