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Friday, March 14, 2008

Common Sense in Most Welcome

Never has a House Speaker been more critical than Pelosi's reaction to the fact that
"While the House bill would not grant immunity, it would allow phone companies to present their defense in a closed-door U.S. district court, with the judge given access to confidential documents about the surveillance program."
by saying that
"I think that is the proper way to decide whether they should have immunity or not -- not members of Congress' voting on it."

And now, a special KFI linkfest:
LAUSD School Administrator Charged With Sex Assault Has Been In Trouble Before
Trying to quit smoking? Do some Pot!
Elderly dudes drink way to much. Does this explain the driving?
Infant suffocation is *gasp* preventable!
Almost a fifth of 6th-graders drink. Early prep for Rush.
Hey, Joe (Jax)? You might want to contact your doctor.
Lose some, win some. That's the way of the home video business.
Wikipedia has no business to speak of whatsoever.
Does politics have an effect on cheated spouses?
People say the future is now, but those people are either PR hacks or inherently stupid.
California Republicans show their guts. Took 'em long enough!
Rush is right: watching the Dems' Florida recount in an exercise in exuberance for the GOP.
More evidence of Chicago-style "post-modernism."


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