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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter-Time Hoedown!

The Marijuana issue might come to a head before long, at least once the basic arguments are fleshed out. Of course, the complexities of the issue are probably what make Obama so nervous about taking a firm stance on the issue. New Politics. Heh. Some still wonder if Obama has got this Wright thing under control. In fact, it sees that the Dem party's gotten worse and worse at nominating men of convictions. Rand Simberg, for one, has finally had it with John Kerry.

Oh, and take note: if our government were only a little bigger, and Wright only a little more of a fanatic, we'd have this.

And the Spitzer thing ain't over. Charles Johnson caught the AFP labeling the governor, now that he's a known wrongdoer (or so I'm imagining is their excuse), a Republican. The AFP, whether it was purposeful or just a reflex, immediately corrected itself. Charles also noted the excquisite timing of Spitzer's bad-assery. He's getting curiouser and curiouser or more and more obvious. That said, the transition isn't going smooth, either.

And this week has seen a lot of weird weather in the U.S. Hail in Los Angeles. A tornado in the ATL. And now, floods right down the middle.

Now that McCain's the obvious Republican choice while the Dems will battle it out until the convention, Paul Mirengoff suggests the Maverick kick an economic advisory into high gear asap.

More evidence that a bastion of crapola can be found within the UC system.

For those fellow Jews who are not yet convinced that McCain is a better preference than is Obama on our one common issue, well...just click on those hyperlinks.

Former candidate Sharpton's trying to do a favor for the childlike Obama by not endorsing him even when explicitly asked for one by pulling a leaf out of Limbaugh's book of presidential election campaigning.

Yeah, um... Anti-semitic. Blood libel. In Russia.

Here's what happens in the sharia-laden Saudi kingdom.

84% of Palestinians supported the slaughter at the Yeshiva. And Dick Cheney just now had the gall to say: "“Terror and violence do not merely kill innocent civilians, they also kill the legitimate hopes and aspirations of the Palestinian people." Charles Johnson appropriately notes that
“Terror and violence” are “the hopes and aspirations of the Palestinian people.”

If someone wants to contest this notion, then I'd like to see the evidence.

In a vote that caused global sighs of relief, Taiwan chose not to piss of China any more than it all ready is, what with the Olympic boycotts and Tibet stuff and all.

And finally, here's a reality check on nation of dwindling hopes: NoKo.


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