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Sunday, March 16, 2008

All Hands Below Deck

An Israeli Arab went on a total rampage, and now the mastermind has been fully brought to justice.

I hope the GOP knows what the hell it's doing concerning the location of its convention. That said, I think the Denver one for the Democrats is just gonna be hilarious. Nonetheless, they need to keep an eye on these guys.

Mama Clinton, cheerleader.

The foreign policy jist: Rice'll be chillin' with Medvedev's diplos tomorrow about Putin's demands for a drawdown of European missile defense. Other than that, favoring Russia over Georgia and Ukraine to back up Pakistani overflights on which we rely for communication with Afghan deployments is NATO's likely preference.

Don't be surprised when those student protests in Iran become full-out revolution.

Good God! First we got the NRSC putting up Keyes against Obama and then flubbing a chance to contest Mark Pryor's AK seat. Now, not only did the NRCC once again fail to seat Oberweis in Hastert's place, they got a scandal going at the link. Is Pelosi still fair game?

It finally comes out that the House Dems not only warped FISA to placate their trial lawyer buddies, but also to placate their constituencies.


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