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Friday, March 28, 2008

Aprils Fools STILL Just Around The Corner...

In something far to neat-o to be ignored-o, Snarky Bastard "Tom" has hit his head on a rock and incurred a revelation: Obama is the Dem's Kwisatz Haderach.

"He's the token black. He mouths gauzy inspirational platitudes. He can electrify an audience. He's...Black Vulcan!":

Democrat-leaning voters might want to reconsider the claim that their party is the party of the "little guy."

An excellent post over at American Thinker ought to dispell incorrent notions of America an an intentionally vile imperialist machine.

INCREDIBLE: just as Wolfowitz was vindicated, so too might appear to be the case with the Enron "scandal."

Oh, some things in life just don't stop getting better. Not only does Obama have the support of stark-raving-mad anti-Semites, he's got the French socialist vote as well!


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