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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Certain Reservations, Bar None

Planned Parenthood has accepted money to abort Black babies. Don't read too much into this. It's exactly as it sounds, euthanasia with a smiley face and a side dose of racism. And a terror gang plotted to blow up transatlantic airlines with liquid bombs, as heard in court. No, this is not gov't making up a case to crack down on our individual liberties. This is terrorism that would have rivaled previous acts if successful. Qaddhafi’s version of the origin of America, NATO, Iran and the Ummah. They say a fool is a man who cannot shet his trap. He's a smug fit for that description. The plight of terrorized Sudan Christians is ignored. Two million Sudanese Christians died as a result of the 05 war. Yes – that’s two with six zeros. Meanwhile, a Christian cemetery in Shechem (Hebron) was desecrated. Well, lives in Sudan, property in territories – par for the course.

Muslims are converting from Islam in droves, and
the decline in Palestinian Arab fertility should matter, particularly as Jewish refugees’ assets are double their counterparts’ and Arab nations are being stingy with their pledges to PA.

In true Pallywood style, a German news agency pays Arabs to riot. After Condi forced the IDF to loosen some checkpoint security, the latter encountered and eliminated six armed militants. Hamas is hiding weapons under UNRWA schools, and its new Iranian mortars are more deadly than the Qassams.

In the meantime, Czechs support Israel joining NATO, and Australia to Continue to Support Israel at UN.


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