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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Plot Twists in World History

I never heard of the Proliferation Security Initative, championed by the likes of Rumsfeld and Bolton, before. But given a choice between this and the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, I'd thow my whole self - all 200 lbs. - behind the PSI, which:

"helped blow the whistle on Libya's clandestine nuclear program, rolled up A.Q. Khan's nuclear black market and has interdicted North Korean weapons shipments."

But not everything's going well. It's come to my attention that the LA Times is attempting to justify the Columbia rioters. I'd actually expected nothing less from this rag. Nothing less.

People should be allowed to deny the Holocaust in the privacy and comfort of their homes. They should be allowed to deny anything they want at home. But not in public. And therefore I frankly do not mind French legislation that criminalizes denying the Armenian genocide.

And why am I not surprised by this little tidbit about that Monkey named Chomsky?

In Line With Unexpected Balance,
- The Samaritan

This post made in honor and memory of Scorpion commando Colonel Salam al-Mamuri and Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael A. Monsoor.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Well I'll Be...

I'll be a monkey's uncle - it seems the Twin Cities not only decided that the Muslim cabbies were crazy to not give someone a ride based on booze, but these cabbies get special marks on their cabs telling us that they're that kinda person. I have no words for this, except...weird.

But then you get to read hilarious partisan politics in papers as in this example; you get to hear Martha McCaskill blow herself on Meet the Press; you get to define for yourself who is and who isn't a Jihadist; you get to compare good fact to bad fiction; you get to learn truths; you get to understand your heroes; you get to learn disturbing things about disturbing people.

And of course, you get to read my blog and visit the above links.

Always a Provider,
- The Samaritan

Monday, October 09, 2006

Eurasian Suppositions

All I hear about in the case of the murdered Journalism in Russia is continuous condemnation of the Putin administration. It wasn't until I read this from that things began to make sense:
Fearless investigative Russian journalist, Anna Politkovskaya, was gunned down in the entrance to her Moscow apartment on Saturday.
That very week she was finishing an article on human rights abuses committed by forces loyal to the Chechen warlord, Ramzan Kadyrov, the prime minister of the Chechen Republic in Russia's south, reports AP.
According to her editor at Novaya Gazeta, one of Russia's last newspapers independent of the government, Politkovskaya, 48, had gathered witness accounts and photos of tortured bodies. The article was due for publication Monday.

And while we're on Europe, the same source pointed out with plenty of detail that the "UK: Government's Islamic Agenda Neglects Christianity."

Oops - I don't wanna go pointing out the obvious yet again!
- The Samaritan

Guantanamo & Further Advice

If people listened to other people they'd learn otherwise obvious things such as the fact that "Guantanamo is Not the Problem," as Claudia Rosett so eloquently observed in the Philadelphia Inquirer. What this does show that is not obvious is that both the United States and Israel (and now, in some cases, Britain and parts of Scandinavia) are held not only to a higher standard than the rest of the world, but are also subjected to a double-standard.

Please keep in mind the following terms: dar al-Islam, and dar al-Harb. The two terms'll suit you well the next time you end up being driven by a Muslim cabbie, so throw this word at him as well: dar al-Amn. And don't forget to take with you that spare khimar if you're blind.

Giving advice where advice is most certainly due,
- The Samaritan

Quaternary Observation

One quote has made it from Global Crisis Watch to Counterterorism Blog to Penraker and now to me. So therefore, I consider this the quaternary level of information (GCW was primary, CB was binary, Penraker was tertiary, you get the picture).

As such, I am removed enough from the original source that I feel obligated to offer the following subjective commentary.

The quote was "Iran is watching how the international community is going to react to North Korea."

Now, if this statement is accurate, then I feel the following observation must have some valid standing:

If we were to substitute "Nazi Germany" for "Iran" and "Spain" North Korea, then we have a true parallel between the world stage at the time of the Spanish Civil War and the current nuclear fiasco with North Korea. Hitler paid very close attention to the actions [and eventual success] of Franco and his goons. This success, history has shown via recovered documents from former Third Reich ofices, helped spur Hitler to greater confidence in his quest for lebensraum.

Let us take the case of Iran and North Korea. If indeed at this point, the world continues to stand idly by, then Iran might take the hint and rapidly increase the pace of its own ambitious nuclear project. We must not allow this to happen.

And we certainly must never allow this kind of history to repeat itself once again.

Continuously inventing more dire warnings,
- The Samaritan

Sunday, October 08, 2006

It Comes Naturally...

Sometimes it takes a lot of guts to have the right opinion or the right perspective.
Other times, it just comes naturally:

During [General Abizaid's] testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee... the media just carried one single comment taken out of context: that Abizaid said "a civil war was possible".Which somehow got turned into "a civil war was likely". And, they didn't tell you that Abizaid said later in the same hearings that he was confident that a civil war would not occur.

MSM reporters, rather than summarize all of the testimony of public officials, sift through it for single quotes that can be taken out of context and used to support their prejudices, their party, their aims and goals.

That's not reporting, that's propaganda.

And so we sit here, dumb oxes that see bombs going off in Baghdad every day. But we have no idea what is going on, because the media refuses to tell the story.

All we get is Foley and his dirty instant messages. That's what the future of the country hinges on.

And to think I actually had used to think well of Jane Elliot.

Also, what is it with Muslim taxi drivers and their blind passenger? Darned if I knew; you're just gonna have to ask those people in Minnesota, Britain, Australia and Norway. Oh, and I wonder if the people doing this - which I mention in my post "Forensic Studies" - have taken this into account.
Probably not.

Always on the lookout for more ignorance,
- The Samaritan

Friday, October 06, 2006

A Shout In The Dark

And yet, no one seems to get it. At least, most people. Donny George, former director of the Iraq's State Board of Antiquities and Heritage, recently explained that the current regime in Iraq has been continuing a common practice of erasing all pre-Islam traces of civilization within the borders of Iraq.


Yep. Nubuchadnezzar, Cyrus, Alexander. Mesopotamia, Babylonia, Persia. All slowly deteriorating at the hands of Muslim fanatics in the name guessed it, Allah and his prophet, Mohammed.

And it would have been any other hate crime or religiously-motivated honor killing if not for:
Imran shahid, whom Mojammed described as physically "massive" then got out of
the car and began to fight with the two boys. He concentrated his attack
Kriss who was "quite small" and who gave "very little"
said that he had never seen Kriss before, and
confirmed that if he had been
Chinese, black or "Asian" he would have been
left alone. He said that Kriss and
his friend had been chosen because they
were white.

That's right. They prey on the weak, and pick on the white. You want modern Muslim-on-everyone-else racism in non-Muslim lands? You've found it.
And...first it was a play in Germany. Now, it's a piece of art. Charles Johnson admits surrealist Hans Bellmer might just be another everyday average talented Western pervert, but even perverts (at least, the least perverted among them) have the freedom of speech.

Hoping that's the last vestige of insanity (but not betting on it),
- The Samaritan

A Further "Oh, Really!" Factor

Though I'm much inclined to put Penraker on a pedestal, its author may not have realized the obvious - that is, what someone closely associated with Israel would realize: that the Insurgency *gasp* is very high-tech and organized. I'll give him credit for using the term "rag-tag terrorist force" to describe what we some people might have at one time thought of 'em, but for those caught unawares, the (Sept. 28) detail is what one might term quite revealing.

Fortunately, Penraker has maintained its attempts at humor:
Jack Straw has committed the ultimate
secular multicultural sin:
He has asked someone who is from his own country
to stop veiling themselves when they want to talk to him.
He must be
punished. After all, he dared to tell someone that they should act British in
Britain. According to multicultural dogma, one must always insist that newcomers
to your country retain their "culture" so that the body politic can be
destroyed. How is Britain to be destroyed if people there continue to have a
common culture?
As an imperialist dog, Straw should, of couse, have veiled
himself to make her comfortable.

Rolling On The Floor Laughing My *ss Off!!!! But not harder than when I read about Minnesota candidate Patty Wetterling's lies [helped by the media] about her opponent's handling of taxes, demonstrating her own lack of knowledge of the taxation system, and also her blatant mishandling of the Foley mess. Read it all to get a whiff of this Little Miss Piehole. And just as politicians make a bad name for politics, so do some journalists do the same for journalism.

Finally, a shocking news story that has escaped my attention for about two years.

Always ready with the high voltage,
- The Samaritan

Virtually Unnoticed...

Charles Johnson points out quite nobly that the media has been for the large part ignorant of rioting that had gone on for at least three days since Monday. The rioting had been in Windsor, England, and the rioters are native Anglo gangs versus local Muslim gangs. People are pointing fingers at both sides, as seen in the commentary following the thisislondon article to which Charles Johnson links. But the important thing to note is that this is not the first violent activity by the same people in that area; hostilities had been brewing for some time and have erupted before for roughly the same reasons and under roughly the same circumstances.

But that's not the only form of ignorance gone unnoticed by some: Arutz Sheva had explored Abbas' actions following Condi's visit to that area. Normally, we'd view him as the more moderate guy in the Palestinian Authority who is our best chance, our biggest hope for the two-state solution.

What were his words to Condi?
Oh, yes: he would 'fire Hamas' if it still refused to acknowledge Israel as a sovereign state.

What were his words to Palestinians (read: his constituents) on PA TV?
Oh, yes: "It is not required of Hamas, or of Fatah, or of the Popular Front to recognize Israel...I do not demand of Hamas nor any other to recognize Israel, but from the government that works with Israelis in day to day life, yes."

Is this guy nuts? Hamas was elected by the people.
(Note that AS accurately portrayed Fatah as a terrorist organization.)

Always reading beyond the headlines,
- The Samaritan

(The full report on Abbas' doublespeak is Palestinian Media Watch's Oct. 5 Bulletin.)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Gitmo Giggles

Just when I thought the controversy over Gitmo detainess couldn't get any funnier, I came across this op-ed that hit the wires a few days ago.

Back later for more hilarity,
- The Samaritan

Forensic Studies

D'you remember the Qur'an flushing at Guantanamo? Of course you do. But there's always two sides to every story, and it appears that the terrorists in Guantanamo are, in their own sick ways...kinda creepy. But don't worry too much - worry, instead, about the current scandal at Youtube. Oh, and don't forget to keep tabs on that Foleygate scandal as well.

Something more about which to worry: free speech in the world...or, at least the lack of it (it'll be interesting to see how this plays out). We, the masses, are so convoluted that often we miss important pieces of information.

- The Samaritan

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Updating the Dhimmitude

The many traditions of the Western World are being trashed in fear of Islam. I know that Akbar Ahmed would have you call it "sensitivity," but, as Charles Johnson said, let's face it, it's fear. It is, for example, the case in Spain, where as tradition would have it, the head of Mohammed would be blown up symbolically in the annual fiesta-celebrations of the Reconquista. Not anymore. The fiestas might offend somebody. It's the Spanish version of the 9/11 memorial in AZ. And in Britain, if the authorities have to choose between putting their time and effort into controlling the Westminster Cathedral crowd calling for the Pope's death or investigating a pig's head placed outside a Mosque they will, at least in this day and age, choose the pig's head.

And in our own United States, Muslim taxi drivers in Minnesota will not allow alcohol in their vehicles. Correct me if I'm wrong, but have taxi-driving adherents to any other religious beliefs made any such demands? Slowly, surely, the U.S. is losing its freedom of speech.

But it's not just the dhimmi lands. Islam is incompatible with democracy on its own grounds especially, as demonstrated by the continuing failures of the "democratically elected" Hamas government in the Gaza strip. What a jolly little bunch they must be!

Oh yeah, and get this - remember the Mumbai train bombings. More evidence Pakistan was [in-]directly involved. It's not even a go figure. Not even a non sequitur. More like a QED!

Though it's clear that California is poised to become the New Mecca, we can still breathe a little.

Before I rant on, let me pause to give credit to the brighter minds among us. There are those who like to ask the good questions, and those who do their research.

Previously, I did not know that there was such thing as a "fifth column." Now I do. And I am very concerned because if the Australian left ever thought "that the Cold War was an equal struggle between the ideologies of the United States and the Soviet Union," then I really, I just . . . really . . . well, I wouldn't know what to say. I'd be speechless.

Patriotism is truly, slowly being destroyed in the U.S. While a terrorist-sympathizing memorial is being built in terrorist-sympathizing AZ, a 9/11 memorial to Paul Talty was destroyed by, that's right, you guessed it...a deranged Turk who thought the memorial was political.

The San Francisco Gate, on cue from the AP (Associated Perverts), thinks that a high-calorie diet, when administered to terrorists in Guantanamo, is comparable to journalists in Iraq being beheaded by Insurgents.

And finally, just in case you missed out on it, Michelle Malkin reminds us of the many "rages" of Muslims against Western society in the past few years. Yes. Quite, NOT!! And Britain is slowly, surely, losing touch with reality.

- The Samaritan

P.S. Just for laughs.