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Friday, October 06, 2006

A Further "Oh, Really!" Factor

Though I'm much inclined to put Penraker on a pedestal, its author may not have realized the obvious - that is, what someone closely associated with Israel would realize: that the Insurgency *gasp* is very high-tech and organized. I'll give him credit for using the term "rag-tag terrorist force" to describe what we some people might have at one time thought of 'em, but for those caught unawares, the (Sept. 28) detail is what one might term quite revealing.

Fortunately, Penraker has maintained its attempts at humor:
Jack Straw has committed the ultimate
secular multicultural sin:
He has asked someone who is from his own country
to stop veiling themselves when they want to talk to him.
He must be
punished. After all, he dared to tell someone that they should act British in
Britain. According to multicultural dogma, one must always insist that newcomers
to your country retain their "culture" so that the body politic can be
destroyed. How is Britain to be destroyed if people there continue to have a
common culture?
As an imperialist dog, Straw should, of couse, have veiled
himself to make her comfortable.

Rolling On The Floor Laughing My *ss Off!!!! But not harder than when I read about Minnesota candidate Patty Wetterling's lies [helped by the media] about her opponent's handling of taxes, demonstrating her own lack of knowledge of the taxation system, and also her blatant mishandling of the Foley mess. Read it all to get a whiff of this Little Miss Piehole. And just as politicians make a bad name for politics, so do some journalists do the same for journalism.

Finally, a shocking news story that has escaped my attention for about two years.

Always ready with the high voltage,
- The Samaritan


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