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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

About This Blog

As you've seen, most of my posts have concerned the Minutemen. This was not my original intention, but what can be said and done concerning illegal immigration via this group has made it the center of my Report and will keep it in that standing for a while. After that phase however, as I say in a post in my other blog, I'll begin posting up-to-date hard news ledes. Hopefully this'll occur before the summer is over and here is the post from my other blog.

In the meantime, the first hard ledes provided will originate from the Georgia and California Minutemen chapter homepages.

Unity over Diversity,
The Samaritan

Saturday, May 20, 2006


Aside from what I previously prescribed, Minutemen supporters may also opt for the Email List. Who knows what you'll receive? Don't ask, just sign up here.

The Civil Defense Corps have also decided we needed [or deserved] an education, so they rather wisely have pointed to a collection of links, provided by the House, on policymaking. That way, we know what the hell's wrong with our political system.

In an earlier post I recommended sending a fax to our congressmen telling them to beef up border security, or else no votes for them. I have found a better use for your money: the "Wake Up America" CD. I do not exactly know all of the details, but follow this link to find out more!

Also in an earlier post, I gave the link to the Minutemen's Standard Operating Procedure. For those interested, there also exists a Minuteman Pledge and Training Manual. Check 'em out!

The Samaritan

Minuteman Contact Information

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Inc.
6501 Greenway Parkway
Suite 103-640
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Who/Why are Minutemen?

According to Chris Simcox, Minutemen are "Concerned Citizens Leading the effort to secure our borders." And he's exactly right. His statement is continued with this link. Why do we need minutemen? As per the explanation, a lack of border security has prompted the need for action to support Homeland Security.

Oh, and for those of you who want to the word "donate."

Remember, America is a nation of unity and not diversity.
The Samaritan

Fast Words

I have only two things to say:

1. All Democrats are Liberals, but not all Republicans are Conservatives.

2. Though I recently affiliated myself with the Republican party, I did this only so that I can vote in the Republican primary and for no other reason. In my opinion both parties are showing their weakest most corrupt sides by trying to show how they're different from the other party instead of showing how they represent us, the taxpaying, voting American citizens. Particularly I dislike sites like this one. It shames me that the Civil Defense Corps chooses to affiliate itself with these total schmucks. I'm shocked, moreover, that RightWingStuff has no concept of relative pronouns as in its sentence: "Thanks again to all that participated," in which 'that' should really be spelled 'who.' I, a copy-editor, prefer people with proper syntax.

Until I post again, remember that we are a nation not of diversity but of unity.
The Samaritan

Support Your Minutemen!

As promised, following is some guidance for those who wish to support our Minutemen...

The first thing I would recommend is to find what your state has done about Illegal Immigration thus far. This can be accomplished by viewing your state's Immigration Legislation. Once you do that, I would advise the following:
  • There are 535 members of Congress (currently). You can call, mail or email your own representative, or you can fax them all. Let them know how you feel! Of course, you will find that it costs money to do so - but it's money well-spent when considering the alternative, which is searching for each Congressperson's fax number by typing in every U.S. zip code. Using the fax-'em-all link I gave you, in comparison, is worth your while.
  • The other option is, of course, to sign the "Secure American Petition." I did just that last night. This petition has been signed by people from all over the country...and the best part? Unlike the previous option - which I would recommend nevertheless - signing this costs you nothing. And if you sign the petition, I would like you to convince others to do so as well. Give them the link and I guarantee they will sign it. You can view the petition itself on the link I provided, you can download the corresponding PDF version and, for good measure, allow me to provide you the first paragraph:
We, the undersigned, petition the President of the United States and America’s
Governors to immediately deploy reserve military units under their authority in
aid of the U.S. Border Patrol to secure our borders against illegal migration,
international criminal operations, and the clear and present danger of terrorist
incursion. We also petition Congress to support such actions through
authorizations and funding.

Many thanks, check back in later as I post more relevant Border News and while you're away, don't forget to visit IFIRE and Veterans for Secure Borders.

Unity, not diversity!

- The Samaritan

Friday, May 19, 2006

Minutemen Headquarters

Hello yet again, mah feller 'mericans!

To begin I will introduce the basics (non-news items) that should hopefully get us jump-started. In the next few posts I hope to cover with you all the material you'll need to get started defending our borders with the power granted to if not vested in you by the First Amendment.

In particular, the very first thing people who live close to the border should do is register to become patriotic Minutemen. Now, I do not live very close to the border myself. But I know there are many who are itching to contribute to their country and stop the inflow of illegal alieans. Because that's what they are. And people who break the law should be punished by it, not rewarded as they are now. And for those who do want to become Minutemen (and not just willy-nilly supporters like me), please be sure to read the rules.

For everyone else who cannot become a Minuteman but still wants to support our great nation, I'll be back later (perhaps tomorrow) with ways you can contribute. Until then, remember that ours is a country not of many but of unity, not of diversity but rather tolerance of differences.

The Samaritan

Minutemen News Introduction

Hello everyone north of the Rio Grande!
My name is Spencer and I created this particular blog to keep readers updated and informed about the latest crisis at the American-Mexican border. I will state my position loud and clear so that there is no confusion in later posts: I am all-out against illegal immigration. I do not think I can make myself any clearer than that. So if I find a news story connected to what is currently a hot-button issue, especially if it has anything to do with our American patriots, the Minutemen, I will post it on this blog for your enjoyment and discussion.
So, please expect some preliminary posts in the near future...