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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Importance of the Recap

I like to recap. Recapping is fun. Especially when I'd like to point out for posterity that FNC is both fairest and most balanced.

First, you've heard of it, but would you want to live it? That's right: A Polish man visits a brothel only to find...his wife. Priceless.

Blogger Sugiero finds a northern Sweden swimming area that's allowing women to go topless, and the folks at HotAir say: "Three cheers for gender equality!" But Sugiero goes on to note the feminists' objections in the news article, and posits a situation for them. Allow me to lay out for you the finer details: the 32 year old daughter of a Lancashire imam ran away from home at age 16 to escape an arranged marriage, has moved 45 times since then under false pseudonyms, and has been in hiding since '94 when men armed with knives, axes and hammers attacked her home. You might ask, "Why? I'm missing context, aren't I?" Well, no you're not. Did the Imam father bit not tip you off? She recently got a text from her bro in which he absolved himself of responsibility in the event of her death. And she's surprised her family would follow the Qur'an, which demands the execution of apostates, to the letter. She shouldn't be: fully nine out of every 25 Muslims Brits aged 18-24 are all for apostate execution. Uh, feminists? HELLO?

Funny thing about Sharia. In a Saudi mall, a man who saw his wife receive a stranger's phone number immediately divorced her that very moment, by way of an awful loud microphone, and left the mall, his wife and kids by car that very second. Now in America, we have a high divorce rate compared to half a century ago, but the legal process prevents divorcees from announcing the decision without consultation and the signing of signatures. Here's a thought: Saudi Arabia, hot spot of the Hajj and of divorce!

In Germany, it appears, one has to be very careful about voicing one's opinions about workplace health. If you request a smoke-free environment, in some places, you get the boot!

For a change, some scientists have uncovered info that is both new and interesting. In this case, the group found that if earth were any smaller, its plate tectonics would be less active, indeed nearly inactive, and earth would not have been able to suport life. The result by consensus? Habitably-speaking, earth just barely squeaked by.

Ok, and something too good to let pass. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers built some sucky levees, so 489,000 claims have been filed against the Feds - a fraction of which adds up to 3 quadrillion dollars. Think about that. The U.S. GDP barely touches one quadrillion.

The MNF-I's campaign in Iraq, Operation Iraqi Freedom, was recently given a boost by the surge. And it seems that Operation Phanton Phoenix will encounter little resistance.

Some of you are probably paying close attention to the recent expose on Paul via the revelation of the content of some of his former "publications." Bryan Preston's got a good recap.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

In and Out of News: Untouched

It's rare to find stories in the MSM about heroism in Iraq. Yet here it is.

Columbia professors plan to pander to Ahmadinejad.

James Kirchick has a piece in TNR that blasts Ron Paul to kingdom Come. I wonder often what the Libertarians on my campus are drinking/smoking.

At Human Events, Mark Levin designates Rush Limbaugh as the man of 2007.

A Reuters article confirms that FNC is the most balanced of cable news channels.

Oh, check this: pregnant high schoolers seek maternity leave from school. The message? Welcome to the real world. You're f*cked.

The Washington Post surprised even Ed Morrissey by knocking the Dem candidates on their foreign policy strategy.

DrewM., an AoS HQ blogger, declares:
"A lot of these so called “human rights” groups aren’t so much anti-Western as they are just plain pro-terrorist."
Turns out that statement's not far off the ball.

Turns out, there are smart people in the Middle East. No, not the stringers.

Some doozies: researchers catch up the common individual in figuring that weight and social status of young adults is generally strongly correlated. Way to go, chaps! And what do we already know that researchers always need to figure out for themselves the hard way? That college drinking and high BAC have a cause-effect relationship.

Who knew? Boneheads.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Oil, Kenyans, David, and David (and Thomas)

While political clout and fallout in Nigeria recently caused a jerkoff to reason himself into a $100 per barrel oil purchase, Kenya's been having some real existential problems within its own political system. Ed Morrissey credits some slight U.S. pressure in the recent possibility of concessions. Credit where it's due.

Meanwhile, amidst the 'Times-Journal' standoff in the Murdoch-Sulzberger wars, the establishment media's trying to reclaim its old throne of authority on the fourth estate. On that note, David Hazinski offered his opinion in the AJC that "Unfettered 'citizen journalism' [is] too risky." David Lazarus offers his take in the LATimes on the 'net's impact on good 'ol-fashioned print journalism (old being an appropriately operative word here). And finally, because she doesn't think we'll ever get enough of her, Helen Thomas decides to clear her conscience. Nearly.