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Saturday, April 26, 2008

When Sheer Obviousness Kicks In

I've had conversations with fellow students who try to justify any and all actions undertaken by FARC, presumably because they've been taught by the ministries of truth that FARC ain't no terrorist organization. Wrong. This terrorist group attempted as recently as six years ago to assassinate Uribe.

Even while Muslim leaders in Britain literally call for "jihad" to transform the nation into a Sharia state, our Defense Department is explicitly forbidden from recognizing this explicitly communicated goal. Perhaps they should listen to guys who understand the complexities of 21st-century counter terrorism, as opposed to those clueless Europeans.

Victor Comras lays the blame for high oil prices at the feet of speculators, and Bill West foresees a conflict in the near future between gov't and the airline industry.

Why is justice in such short supply these days? Ray Dirks got his just in time, Paul Wolfowitz' came only after his resignation, and prosecutorial abuse in the Enron case is only now coming to light.

Retired Idaho state senator Larrey Anderson calls out Anthropogenic Climate Change for what is really is - "redefining Western economics and culture." He's not wrong - Earth Day is all about destroying capitalism - even Al Qaeda is joining the party!

And Miss Malkin brings news: we're winning, they're losing.


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