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Friday, April 04, 2008

Throwing Caution to the Winds of Time and Change

From Cathy Glick's "Fear of Democracy" we should gather that hate speech is still free speech. Incitement is entirely another thing altogether, and the worrisome part here are the UN-HRC members who get to decide it. The UN worked well in the Cold War era, but it has long overstayed its welcome.

Great - the Barbary wars are back!

You stay classy, Bill Cope!

D'you know what? I've decided John Yoo's one of my heroes.

Military Affairs Associate Director Sean Osborne of the Northeast Intelligence Network explains the crux of the Long War on Terror.

My dear, good friend Yoni, you were a good roommate and a good man, but on a crucial issue you are so, so very wrong:
"I expect the Jihadi influence to spread after the Americans’ exit from Iraq, and to move towards Jerusalem." - Zawahiri

I'm pretty sure this is just ho-hum to the high-mighty UN-HRC.

In light of the FISA fiasco, this is a pleasure to read:
Senate Environment and Public Works Committee head Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., charged that "the Bush Administration is violating the law" because the Interior Department missed a deadline on whether to add polar bears to the endangered species list.

One of Charles Johnson's lizards notes an sfgate article in which the "AP tries desperately to stir up some kind of scandal about McCain's wife's finances, but flops spectacularly":
AP really scrapes the bottom of the barrel in trying to come up with something scandalous involving McCain and his wife Cindy; but, sadly for AP, there's nothing really there worth getting worked up about. The best they can do is dredge up a 1982 investigation (when he first started politics) in which he was exonerated of any conflict-of-interest.

I can almost feel the frustration on the part of these moonbat journalists. They so want McCain to have skeletons in his closet, but they can't seem to find a single one. So -- McCain's wife is rich. Is that news? Most Senators in the US (including most Democrats) are fabulously wealthy. And because of a pre-nuptial agreement, McCain himself has no connection to or ownership of any of his wife's finances. On his own, not counting her assets, he's actually one of the poorest Senators.

Sorry, AP, you're biting on granite here.
Introducing Howard Zinn, all-American arsehole.

A cell phone projector? Okay, I'll admit, I'm impressed!

Does Islam give the ok to adultery? Haji Murad says yes.

Walid Shoebat recounts the indoctrination in his youth.

Rezko's lawyer attempts to help him by exposing more corruption in Chicago. But I don't get how a corrupt witness testifying against a corrupt defendant is supposed to help the latter. Seriously, is anyone surprised that Chicago brims with financial cock-ups? Not so much a city of Robin Hoods as Robbing 'Hoods.

Vestiges of a decomposing Cold War from a Canadian perspective.

Another "work accident" in the territories. Exit question: "mysterious" or "ambiguous?"

Well, I think Osborne (mentioned above) would have a field day with this election report from France.

See, I told you so: Kevin Rudd puts earwax in mouth, gets elected. Same Rudd playfully salutes the POTUS, gets bad press. The "I told you so" part involves the fact that Rudd like his predecessor, is still unabashedly pro-American, and in all likelihood'll be a real pal of the next POTUS, John McCain.

Today, Hamas attempted (and failed) to assassinate a Israeli state official
. In the meantime, Hiz B'Allah is making air traffic nervous. And given recent events, Israel has begun to install automated machine guns along the Gaza border. This opens up a whole new dimension to the dilemma. In the meantime, elite unit 669 gets its first Arab female recruit.

The Washington Post has chosen to embed with the enemy. Never before in history has our media presented a bigger threat to our national security. Is it just me or is journalistic negligence utterly rampant?

Quote of the Day: "Let's be friends, guys>" - Vladimir Putin.

In the hypocrisy of the day, the U.S. is sending aid to Egypt to monitor the Gaza border.

Historically, the FRB has thrown itself behind Democrat candidates. This year will be no different.

Gee, I guess the first amendment doesn't apply to states.

Y'know, I'm not a greenie, but I appreciate a good thing when I see it. ;-)

In related hypocrisy, Zawahiri opines that civilian massacres and collateral are okay when AQ does it - but not Hamas!

Looks like Israel's starting to know what it's like when the fourth estate becomes the fifth column.

Hillary pulls a Goolsbee with Columbia. Neither Democrat candidate, it is apparent, can be trusted with economic trade. They tell constituents they're anti-free trade, and go around secretly doing the opposite. That's just wrong.

Here's a hoodie that Obama certainly will never wear.

Here's the latest NIE that'll not be in the NYT tomorrow!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't remember the last time an American was jailed for flag-waving.

Probably the best measure of how Palis and Israelis treat each other can be discerned from their respective treatment of sea turtles.

Violence occurs at the much-publicized anti-violence student rally in Chicago.

"Zero-Tolerance" is a disastrous policy.

NoKo, all ready suffering from a meth problem and a food shortage, faced a women's right rally. Speaking of which, the artificial ethanol craze is hurting the commodities market, which, given the U.S.'s strong share of agribusiness, could spill over into a global dilemma.


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